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Ladakh Photo Expedition

Summer Photo Expedition : Ladakh

 July 16 – July 29, 2017
Explore Zanskar, the ancient monastic festival at Karsh, and Southern Ladakh with master photographers and improve your photography skills.
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Mentok Kangri

Learn Mountaineering & Summit Mentok Kangri

 Aug 10 – Aug 20, 2017
Learn basics of mountaineering with our climbing guides (Everest, K2, etc) and summit your first mountain, Mentok Kangri, at over 20,500 feet!
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Winter Snow Leopard Expedition

 Feb 18 – March 5, 2018
Embark on a once in a lifetime adventure to spot the ghost of the mountains with expert trackers in Hemis National Park, Ladakh!
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Winter Photography Expedition : Ladakh

March 10 – March 22, 2018
Explore Nubra Valley, to the Brokpa tribes, and the lakes of the Changthang with master photographers and improve your photography skills.
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Epic Adventures

Voygr guides have successfully climbed the world’s top peaks, including Everest, K2, Makalu, and Lhotse. We organize easy family friendly treks, full on climbing expeditions, and things in between.

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Wildlife Expeditions

Our guides have hosted filming and photo expeditions for the best of the best, including the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel, and the BBC.

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Fishing Expeditions

Experience crystal clear Himalayan streams and stunning vistas. We fish the streams of Ladakh & Kashmir with expert anglers for a variety of Schizothorax, catfish, and brown and rainbow trout. Fly fishermen welcome!

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Ladakh Photography Expedition

Student Expeditions

We craft travel for International Baccalaureate® schools and US High Schools. Learn independence and self-reliance through thought-provoking and inspiring travel opportunities. 

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Unique Itineraries


We strive to offer novel itineraries that no one else provides. Our guides and planners frequently travel on their own to engage far-flung communities, discover new routes, and search for the unseen.

We’ve got some fantastic secret spots across the Himalayas, just for our guests.

Private + Tailor Made


We frequently take couples and individuals on adventures where the itineraries are customized and built to taste. We’ll take you on a three week trip across the Tibetan Plateau in search of the rare Lammergeir bearded vulture or to a private dinner with the King of Turtuk.

We love custom trips and small groups.

Family Adventures


We love kids and we love grandparents. Voygr understands the rigors of traveling with children. Our guides can handle groups of 4 just as easily as groups of 110, as on one recent school expedition.

It’s very important to us that we create a love of the great outdoors within our future generations.

Quality + Value


Unlike other operators, we’ll never cancel one of our scheduled departures because of low enrollment. If you’re booked, you’ll go!

Voygr guarantees that your adventure with us will be incredible. In fact, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you credit towards another future Voygr trip.

Cultural Engagement


The Himalayas are incredible, summits are glorious, and treks are serene. But it’s really the wonderful people and engagements with small communities that add to life-long bonds and memories. Discover ancient ways of life. Have your fortune told by a Ladakhi oracle. Help a Changpa nomad corral her Pashmina goats.

Conservation + Protection

conservationSustainable travel and conservation are at the heart of Voygr.

Founded by two Clinton Fellows, our aim is to channel tourism dollars into environmental conservation, develop fair-trade commerce between host communities and visitors, and to make sure we leave the lightest environmental impact on places we visit.


100% 5/5 star rating on TripAdvisor.com
  • I come back from an 8 trip in Ladakh with a heart swelling of gratitude. Gratitude for the beauty of Ladakh, but most importantly gratitude for Behzad, Rashid and team who do their job because they love it. From the heart. I got sick, and they took care of me better than my family, they took me to secret hidden gems of Ladakh, from villages, to camping with nomads (no tourists in sight), to delicious meals. They booked me with the sweetest family home in the world, where I got to feel like I am part of the family. From bike-riding, to photography coaching, to lots of laughter, I know I will be back to Ladakh, and definitely with them. Visited June 2016
    Jessica S.Jessica S.TripAdvisor Review. 5 Stars. Lebanon.
  • Did a Photography expedition with Behzad and Voygr and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Ladakh is stunning and as a photographer to be along with other photographers gave us the opportunity to work together at getting the shots we wanted at our own pace. I lost count of the number of times we stopped the car to take photos of interesting scenes and amazing landscapes! :) Behzad is a great guide and photographer, patient, enthusiastic and up for anything. He is very knowledgeable about his subject, be it photography or the history of the region and goes to pains to ensure you have a great experience. If you are a photographer and want to check out Ladakh (the lesser known places especially) I would highly recommend checking out Voygr and Behzad Larry Photography.
    Hoshner R. Hoshner R. TripAdvisor Review. 5 Stars. India.
  • Behzad, Rashid and his Voygr team provided me with one of the best adventures of my life (honestly, might be #1). He and his team did everything in their power to make these experiences happen. This included flying in film from New Delhi so I could take photos with my film camera!!! Also, because I could not find the battery to the digital camera I had brought, they hunted down an extra digital camera for me so I could take photos on our two day expedition to camp out with the ChangPa Tibet Nomads. They truly went above and beyond in every way. I already miss the land and people of Ladakh, and cannot wait to come back. Visited May 2016
    Andrew S. Andrew S. TripAdvisor Review. 5 Stars. USA.
  • I was lucky enough to visit Ladakh with my father for a family vacation. Rashid had the trip planned to perfection with every minor detail covered. Nothing was too difficult and after operating for so many years, Rashid has the country covered. No matter what your interest, climbing, hiking, riding or photography contact Rashid and let him organise it all!
    Darius I.Darius I.TripAdvisor Review. 5 Stars. Singapore
  • My trip to Changtang with Rashid was probably one of the best travel experiences I've had in my life so far. Stunning sceneries, welcoming people, visiting the nomads and watching them following their daily routine (milking sheeps etc), shooting the Milkey Way in a clear and chilly night, good talks and company and so many more things just took my breath away and made me feel very grateful. Rashid is an amazing guide, knowledgeable, kind and always trying his best to make the trip an exclusive and unforgettable adventure. Thank you for the amazing time!
    Juliette H.Juliette H.TripAdvisor Review. 5 Stars. Austria
  • Ladakh's beauty is unrivaled. We had a pretty seamless holiday there thanks to Voygr. Voygr set us up at homely guest houses and planned an itinerary that allowed us to see more than the tourist-infested spots. Will certainly return to Ladakh with Voygr. The team's love for the land is evident in how they plan trips here.
    Purva M.Purva M.TripAdvisor Review. 5 Stars. India
  • Traveling around Ladakh was an unreal experience. Being surrounded by such beauty is truly unforgettable. Behzad put together the perfect itinerary for us. We stayed at guest houses and camps which were simple yet comfortable and experienced great hospitality. I'm not a big fan of long drives but in Ladakh I almost never wanted it to end.
    Neha M. Neha M. TripAdvisor Review. 5 Stars. India
  • I did a motorcycle camping/fishing trip with Rashid. Ladakh is so beautiful and different and we got to see so many different things. The temples are incredible. The landscape and terrain is super varied and interesting. Maybe the coolest part was meeting some of the native nomadic people. These guys are such pros, I felt a little guilty. They cook really good food and wake you up in your tent in the morning with hot tea. We went a little late in the season and it was pretty cold, but we had a lot of fun. Rashid is fantastic. He's the perfect combination of hyper competent and friendly. I can't believe he took time off from leading trekking expeditions and doing search and rescue missions to help a couple of idiots on motorcycles not kill themselves in the mountains and try to catch fish. Every step of working with Voygr was great. They are responsive and followed through on every request.
    Lukas BLukas BTripAdvisor Review. 5 Stars. USA
  • Voygr created a mind blowing experience in Ladakh. As for many - traveling through the more remote areas of Ladakh was a new experience for me. Voygr ensured everything was taken care of at a top notch level every step of the way. The guides - Behzad and Rashid - provide complimentary skills from a global and local perspective. They were able to craft a unique experience off the beaten track while providing rich environmental and cultural knowledge on the way. Within our trip, we pitched tents with nomads to explore Pashmina production, visited remote monasteries and trekked across beautiful landscapes. Behzad also gave lessons on time lapse and night sky photography, which as an aspiring photographer I found tremendously helpful. It will change how I look at the night sky through my lens. In addition to this - Vogyr has ethical guide practises. Their guides are paid fairly and they have an environment-first mindset. They will not cut corners on cost at the price of ethics, which sadly we cannot say of many of the tour companies in the region. It is without a nanogram of hesitation that I recommend Voygr as your choice in Ladakh. Enjoy Ladakh ! Visited September 2016
    Christina MChristina MTripAdvisor Review. 5 Stars. USA
  • The trip was absolutely amazing. We went on a motorcycle tour / fishing trip and Rashid led our team. The team was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. Ladakh is truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever been and the prep, skill, and care the team put into our safety and trip left me feeling incredibly at ease and truly able to enjoy my vacation. The motorcycle was sick and a really great bike. In fact, our team was so prepared that we even rescued a guy who's chain had broken. Can't recommend enough. Visited October 2016
    Brett SBrett STripAdvisor Review. 5 Stars. USA

Eight Days In Ladakh

Matt Wright of breedfreakphoto.com hired our services for a trip around Ladakh. Check out this short video he made after his trip.

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Voygr-Expeditionary-Learning-Center-LadakhOur Expeditionary Learning Center in Ladakh conducts treks, wilderness courses, corporate retreats, and leadership development across the trans-Himalayan region.