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Voygr Expeditions

Voygr ExpeditionsVoygr (pronounced voyager) operates phenomenal guided tours along the ancient Silk Route in Central Asia, the Russian Far-East, the towering Himalayas, and North India. Ideal journeys combining the best of ancient cultures, living history, phenomenal wildlife, and awe-inspiring landscapes with exceptional expedition luxury.

Restoring Ecosystems | Redefining Exploration

Voygr (pronounced voyager) operates phenomenal guided tours along the ancient Silk Route in Central Asia, the Russian Far-East, the towering Himalayas, and North India. Our journeys combine the best of ancient cultures and living history, with phenomenal wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes.

The type of travel we advocate is transformative and regenerative. For you, for ecosystems, and for the communities that call the remotest parts of the planet their home. Travel is a powerful tool for positive change. When you travel with us, you contribute to protecting the stuff that really matters. Not just through dollars, but through presence. 
Snow leopards are the dominant umbrella species across much of the territory we operate in. Their abundance indicates that the entire system is working well. Their absence demonstrates a world out of balance. Snow leopards and humans have existed in a state of conflict since time immemorial. If you own livestock, a snow leopard is your enemy. Our tours allow remote communities to diversify their income, expanding beyond livestock herding. When you travel to see a snow leopard, you directly contribute to making snow leopards worth more alive than dead.
Regenerative travel is the future. We’re beyond just sustainable, or neutral. The impact we’re interested in is the type that makes our planet better. Join us for transformative travel.

Carbon Negative

Voygr calculates the carbon footprint for every itinerary. Vehicles used, hotels stayed in, heating fuel consumed, food eaten, waste generated, flights flown, and more. Carbon is offset by planting thousands of Korean pine, a critical keystone tree species, in Siberian tiger and Amur leopard habitat in the Russian Taiga through the High Asia Habitat Fund.

Conservation is First Priority

Voygr isn’t just a tour company. Many of our team are active conservationists, national park rangers, and authorities on endangered species like the snow leopard, Siberian tiger, and Tibetan wolf. We commit over 20% of our annual profits to conservation. Additionally, for every guest that comes on a snow leopard tour with us, we contribute $350 to the Snow Leopard Trust.

Sustainable & Fair Livelihoods

We exist to leverage the power of travel for social good. We exist to empower communities and ecosystems in remote Asia. Voygr cuts out middlemen who don’t add value to travel and generate more revenue for communities that actually host tourists. Except for specialist leaders, ALL our crews are local from the communities our guests travel to.

Read more about our conservation and carbon negative ideology.

Press & Media

The world’s most highly regarded travel publications have featured Voygr’s unique expeditions and awarded its incredible journeys.

Voygr Expeditions

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