Autumn 2020 : Tour Highlight

October 9 - October 22, 2020

The Ladakh Photography Expedition with Robert van Koesveld and Behzad Larry  – astonishing mountains, peaceful oasis villages, hardy nomadic herders, historic Silk Road caravanserai, fascinating Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, tranquil lakes and friendly locals.
A fantastic opportunity to experience this peaceful Buddhist region in the Trans-Himalayas of north India, along with just a few photographers, at a pace that enables thoughtful images of people, culture, and landscape.

Types of photography covered: Portraiture & Landscape

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The Best Photo Expeditions in South & Central Asia

We’re a top photography tour operator and expedition specialist in the Trans-Himalaya & Central Asia. Getting you fantastic shots is our top priority and we create incredible bespoke expeditions based on your photography goals. We work with all levels of photographers from hobbyists trying to improve their skills to tracking snow leopards for the BBC and arranging logistics for National Geographic to film nomads.

We specialize in small groups of 2 and 3 guided by a local fixer and a professional photographer. Get in touch to plan your photo journey today.

Get in touch to customize a private photo expedition in India, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan today.

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Photography Tours

Portrait Focused

With deep connections spanning over a decade across North India and Central Asia, Voygr’s guides can get you into remote villages for authentic experiences, fantastic portrait opportunities, and incredible stories. Our guides frequently work with photographers and storytellers to help reveal ancient ways of life in some of the remotest regions of our world.

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Landscape Focused

Our guides routinely visit some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. From the emerald lakes of the Tibetan plateau to the gorgeous granite towers of the Karakorum, there are landscapes to see and photograph that are truly unlike anything else. If you love shooting landscapes, get in touch for a custom tour crafted to your specific requirements.

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Wildlife Focused

Imagine watching a snow leopard stalking a herd of blue sheep in the trans Himalaya. Or seeing a 10 foot tiger walking through the ancient ruins of a Rajasthani fort deep in the jungles of Ranthambore. We routinely organize tours to visit and track these ultimate Asian big cats. Message or call us to start planning your wildlife photo expedition.

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What are people saying?

  • I arranged a return tour with Voygr with high expectations from my first trip and had a really fantastic time again. This was a customised photography tour focussing on my interest in people photography, and visiting some remote areas in Nubra, Zanskar and Kashmir. From beginning to end Voygr went out of their way to make sure they delivered an exceptional experience that not only gave me unusual and interesting photographic opportunities but also a great cultural experience which was exactly what I was looking for.

    As a solo traveller this time I had the flexibility to keep changing the itinerary as we went along according to the opportunities that arose, which they managed seamlessly and without any objections. My every request and need was met with a 'no problem' and 'can do' attitude which was refreshing and lead to some amazing experiences off the beaten track which I just wouldn't have been able to have on my own or with a less specialised/experienced tour company.

    Arguably just as important as their professional expertise at delivering a top notch trip, was that Behzad, Rashid and their team of staff and local guides are fantastic people to travel with and spend time with, and as a solo traveller I was in great company and had lots of wonderful fun moments to remember. I'm sure this one won't be my last trip with these guys - don't hesitate to choose them for your next adventure and book your slot early as they're always in demand from repeat customers. I can't recommend them highly enough!

    Clare R.Photographer

Voygr’s Photography Tours

Voygr’s photography tours are crafted entirely with the best photographic experiences in mind. Operating photography tours in some of the most remote regions on earth requires exceptional logistical ability, a deep web of contacts across some of the tallest mountains in the world, and expedition leaders that can guide our photography tours in a way that is filled with photographic opportunity for travelers of all skill-sets while mixing regional knowledge, comfort, and incredible cultural experiences.

Types of Photography Tours

Covering a range of photographic subjects, from snow leopards, to disappearing Central Asian cultures, to spectacular high altitude lakes, Voygr’s photography tours offer fantastic opportunities to explore India, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Voygr runs several bespoke and private photography tours each year for individual photographers as well as several fixed departure photography tours that operate through the year. Each photography tour is led by a professional photographer and accompanied with deeply knowledgeable local guides and fixers. Most photography tours have several intimate meetings with locals where Voygr’s clients are treated to authentic cultural exchanges and a much closer look at what life is really like in some of the remoter parts of our world. The resulting photographs are thus filled with character and a realness that evades canned cultural shows and run-of-the-mill tourist circuit images.

Each photography tour itinerary is planned to maximize shooting in good light and travel times and journeys are made during the day when the light is harsh. Voygr’s Himalayan wildlife photography tours are led by both photographers and wildlife experts who are snow leopard experts. Our wildlife spotters and trackers have worked with the best names in the business, including the crew from BBC’s Planet Earth II, Steve Winter of National Geographic, and several other filmmakers and photographers.

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