Why Use Voygr?

Why Voygr for Photography in Ladakh?

Tailor made itineraries that work best for your Ladakh photo tour.

95% of Voygr’s clients choose to work with our team to create incredible custom-made itineraries. While we offer a few fixed group departures, most of our clients choose to come alone or with a friend for a very personal photo tour. Our itineraries take in to account the seasons, agricultural activities, nomadic migrations, monastic festivals, and special events. Combined with inputs about your photographic style and your photography goals, Voygr’s photographers create an itinerary that melds cultural exploration with photographic ambitions, making your ladakh photo tour picture perfect.

Expert Knowledge

Our photo itineraries are designed in combination with photographers and expert guides who have extensive and expert knowledge about Ladakh, light situations, climatic conditions, and a keen understanding of terrain. Voygr’s guides and expedition leaders also have carefully cultivated long-term relationships with far-flung communities in all regions of Ladakh ranging from the nomads in the Changthang to tribes in the Aryan valley to small villages cut-off from the world in Nubra valley.

No Sales Team

All our itineraries are created by our expedition leaders and all your emails about our ladakh photo tours are responded to by experienced field staff, which means you’re communicating with someone who really knows their stuff. No sales pitches, no hype, just great tours.

Incredibly Flexible Guides

Going the extra mile is standard at Voygr. Our guides and expedition leaders will be ready and waiting at 4:30 AM to help you capture the perfect dawn landscapes and will help you set up your astro-shots at 10 PM with the same enthusiasm. We know you’ve traveled a great distance with considerable expense to experience all that Ladakh has to offer, and we’ll do everything in our power to make that happen. Our camp staff will bring you piping hot tea and snacks while you’re perched up on a crag with a guide spotting snow leopards and a 4 KM walk from the camp. If you spot someone with an interesting face in the Leh market, we’ll even check and see if they are up for a portrait shoot. Our singular goal is to get you fantastic pictures while keeping you well fed and safe.

Authentic Experiences

A lot of tour companies will get locals to do a cultural show where a few people dress up in the various costumes of Ladakh in quick succession. We don’t do that stuff. If you want to photograph the Changpa nomads, we’ll take you to the Changpa nomads and set up camp right besides them. If you want to photograph Zanskaris in their traditional dresses, we’ll go to Zanskar and request our friends there to dress up. The portraits our clients capture on a ladakh photo tour are all connected to incredible journeys, cultural experiences, and new friendships.

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