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Voygr's Conservation, Ethics, and Responsibility Pledge

Snow leopard tourism, like all wildlife tourism, has great potential to be a beacon for positive change: for both ecosystems and communities. However, it also has many risks. Unfettered market-led development can throw delicately balanced ecosystems into a death spiral. It can also lead to bitter conflicts in remote communities fueled by competition and one-up-man ship. As leaders in ethical snow leopard tourism, Voygr Expeditions takes our role incredibly seriously. We think of snow leopard tourism as a conservation tool and would rather not run any snow leopard tours over running ones that have a negative impact.

In collaboration with communities, scientists, and leading snow leopard conservationists, we’ve developed this pledge to govern our work and declare our values.

This public declaration is the first of its kind in the snow leopard tourism industry. We hope it is adopted by all operators working with snow leopards and the remote communities that live by them.

Our Ethical Snow Leopard Tour Pledge

Voygr Expeditions pledges to conduct our snow leopard tours with the highest ethical standards.
Standards that respect & protect wildlife, the ecosystems we visit, and the communities that host us.

Voygr Expeditions pledges:

  • that conservation will be first priority.
  • that baiting is unacceptable. We abhor the use of bait, alive or dead, to attract snow leopards. We also shun the relocation or manipulation of any kills in order to get a more suitable sighting.
  • that snow leopards, and all other wildlife, are never disturbed. Any snow leopard sighting is a gift. We do not obstruct, encourage, dislodge, or disturb these creatures. We do not crowd them. We prioritize their safety and well being.
  • that we never photograph den sites.
  • that we always maintain a respectful distance. Our trackers are equipped with the most high-powered spotting scopes available. We never push the boundaries of respectful viewing. If a snow leopard stops its natural activity and begins to move away from us on purpose, we have failed.
  • that we work within the rule of law. We champion systems based on permits, oversight, and monitoring.
  • that we do not use drones with wildlife.
  • that we prioritize local communities that share their habitat with snow leopards. Fair employment, sourcing products locally, and ensuring our community partners make good money is a cornerstone of our conservation ethic.
  • that we offset all of the carbon generated on our trips. Our trips are not just carbon neutral, they are negative. Investing in solar power systems and high efficiency heating systems must be done everywhere possible, throughout our supply chain.
  • that we directly contribute to conservation. 20% of Voygr’s annual profits are donated to conservation, predator proofing corrals, climate change mitigation, ranger trainings and anti-poaching operations, and diversifying livelihoods in remote communities through the High Asia Habitat Fund.
  • that we lead from the front. As the world’s leading snow leopard tour operator, it is our duty to set an example and create the highest standards possible for remote wildlife tourism on our planet.

We thank our guests for their support in upholding our pledge and helping us keep our commitments.

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