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Our Incredible Journeys

Snow Leopard Expeditions

Voygr Expeditions

Award-winning snow leopard expeditions take you on a quest for one of the world’s most elusive cats in the Trans-Himalayas of India.

Photography Expeditions

Voygr Expeditions

Our photography tours take you to iconic regions like Ladakh. Our camera trapping workshops help you capture the rarest big cats up close.

Central Asian Journeys

Voygr Expeditions

Journeys to Central Asia explore the glorious history of the Silk Route in Uzbekistan, the mighty mountains of Tajikistan and the beautiful steppe of Kyrgyzstan.

Amur Leopard Expeditions

Voygr Expeditions

Search for the rarest big cat in the world on our Amur leopard expeditions in the magnificent Russian Taiga.

Siberian Tiger Expeditions

Voygr Expeditions

Help conserve the beautiful Siberian tiger on our expedition to the Russian Far East in search of this king of the Taiga.

Bengal Tiger & Leopard Safaris

Voygr Expeditions

Witness the power of the Bengal tiger on bespoke and group safaris and the sublime grace of the Indian leopard on our safaris to Rajasthan, India.

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