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Snow Leopard Expedition

Snow Leopards in Ladakh

The Snow Leopard Expedition is a rare opportunity to spot elusive Snow Leopards in the wild. Use the same guides and trackers as BBC’s Planet Earth II and NatGeo’s Hostile Planet. This tour is rated 2020’s top 100 Ultimate Travel Experiences by Harper’s Bazaar.

11 and 14 day group departures throughout February and March 2021.

Ladakh Photo Tour With Robert Van Koesveld

Photo Tour to Ladakh

The Ladakh Photo Tour with Robert van Koesveld and Behzad Larry  – astonishing mountains, peaceful oasis villages, hardy nomadic herders, historic Silk Road caravanserai, fascinating Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, tranquil lakes and friendly locals. Designed for photographers of all skill levels.

September 12, 2021


Snow Leopard Expedition Snow Leopard Tour

Snow Leopard Expedition

Come face to the face with the ghost of the mountains on our award-winning snow leopard expeditions in the Trans-Himalayas of India.

Ladakh Photo Tour With Robert Van Koesveld

Photography Tours & Expeditions

Embark on a photographic journey with our brilliant photographers & fixers to discover authentic Asia. All group departures can also be private tours.

Leopards Of Jawai

Indian Leopard Safari

The rocky outcrops of Jawai are ideal territory for the Asiatic leopard. Join us on beautifully crafted safaris that mix one of the world’s best safari camps with great leopard sightings.

Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger Safari

Incredible tiger safaris in Rajasthan, India take you up close to the Royal Bengal Tiger, leopards, and a diverse array of wildlife and bird life.

Amur Leopard Expedition

Amur Leopard Expedition

The rarest big cat on Earth. Travel to the Russian Far East on a quest for the Amur leopard, numbering less than 100 individuals. 100% of profits from this tour go to conserve this cat.

Siberian Tiger Expedition

Siberian Tiger Expedition

Explore the greatest forest on earth, the Taiga, on this singular journey to the Russian Far East, in search of the world’s largest big cat, the Siberian Tiger.

Voygr Expeditions Adventures

Journeys to Uzbekistan

Discover this Central Asian gem and thousands of years of history. The ancient citadels of Khiva and Bukhara combine with lively culture and stunning architecture.


Journeys to Kyrgyzstan

Heartland of nomadic culture, ancient civilizations, and the glorious Tien Shan and Pamir mountain ranges. Discover spectacular Kyrgyz Central Asia.


Journey to Tajikistan

94% of the Tajikistan is mountainous. The high Pamirs, the legendary Wakhan, and the towering Tien Shan make this a great destination to mix history with the outdoors.


Journeys to Central Asia

Do a multi-country tour across the glorious Stans of Central Asia. Combine the best of ancient cultures, amazing history, beautiful architecture, and stunning mountains.

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The world’s most highly regarded travel publications have featured Voygr’s unique expeditions and awarded its incredible journeys.

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A True Adventure

This is the second time I've traveled with Voygr Expeditions, and I'm sure to come back for more. What makes Voygr so special is that they have created adventures that are deeply aligned with and respectful of the land, the…continue reading

A wonderful Ladakh experience, courtesy Voygr….

My son and I spent 12 days with Behzad and team in Ladakh in June-July 2019. I am an experienced hiker and climber, but this was my first trip with a top-class tour company - and the experience was simply,…continue reading


This adventure absolutely exceeded my expectations. It was a unique combination of being totally in nature with many upscale comforts. The staff was exceptional, they anticipated your every need and were especially accommodating. I have such respect for everyone who…continue reading

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Hemis National Park

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Dozens of snow leopards, a handful of lynxes, and a few Tibetan wolves, made for a spectacular 2020 snow leopard season.

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