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Siberian Tiger Expedition

The Siberian Tiger Expedition has a strong focus on conservation. Explore the magnificent Russian Taiga in winter with renowned Siberian tiger experts.

The Siberian Tiger Expedition

Siberian Tiger Expedition
Siberian Tiger Expedition
Siberian Tiger Expedition
Siberian Tiger Expedition

Far-Eastern Russia is the last remaining stronghold of the majestic Siberian Tiger, the largest of all big cats, with big males weighing up to 300kg. With just around 500 of them left, it is also among the world’s rarest cats. Join us on a winter journey to the magical Russian Taiga and experience the thrill of tracking a Siberian tiger.

Conserving the Siberian Tiger

Voygr works with some of the world’s leading Siberian tiger conservationists in the region. Our main goal here is to help build up ecotourism and bring more money into communities that share their spaces with these big cats, in turn reducing conflict over resources.

The Siberian Tiger Expedition is for adventurous travelers. We’ll travel to a remote area of Khabarovsk Krai, a huge province that borders China, with the legendary Amur river acting as the international boundary between the two countries. Access to our private reserve is via 4×4 through the incredible Boreal forests that define this region.

Stays are in beautiful rustic Russian log cabins. They are insulated and heated. The camp food is delicious with hearty Russian fare served. During the expedition we will accompany Russian Siberian tiger experts on snow mobile setting and collecting camera traps. You’ll get to place your own. The heavy snow means that the tigers actually prefer to walk on the snowmobile paths instead of trudging through deep snow – so there are always tracks visible in the snow each morning.

Chances of actually seeing a Siberian tiger are low because of the thick tree-cover and the immense amount of snow. However, the Reserve reports that on average 1 out of 8 or 9 groups catch a glimpse.

Photographing the Siberian Tiger

Just like on the Amur Leopard Expedition, the most certain way of getting a Siberian tiger in front of your camera is to bait it with a dead deer or boar. However, Voygr does not think this method is ethical and so we do not use it. Instead, we use the same tools that the BBC, Netflix and NatGeo use to get great footage of Siberian tigers. DSLR camera traps. Our tiger experts know by heart the trails, trees, and rocks local tigers use to patrol their territory and leave their scent. We’ll position your DSLR camera traps in the right place. Cameras can be in place for as long as you need, on average 3-6 months, to get show-stopping images. We’ll maintain the traps for you including changing batteries, swapping memory cards, and eventually shipping your equipment back to you. Our photography experts will work with you so you can put together the right kit before coming over.

Bespoke Departures for the Siberian Tiger

We don’t list the itinerary publicly because we have assessed that the habitat is not ready for mass-market tourism. If you’re interested in contributing to protect the Siberian Tiger and embarking on a quest to see it, even if via game cameras, we’d love to build an expedition for you. Unlike our snow leopard expeditions (100% success rate, the Siberian Tiger expedition has a low chance of success to actually see the tiger. However, the experience itself, is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

You’ll get to hang out with tough Russian rangers and anti-poaching teams that have basically saved the Amur leopard and Siberian tiger from the brink of extinction, and experience the immense beauty of the Russian taiga in the winter. For lovers of the outdoors and adventurous travelers, this experience is truly phenomenal. You will have one of the world’s top expedition teams supporting you. Remote regions, winter expeditions, and difficult terrain are what Voygr specializes in. We keep our guests comfortable: no-matter the conditions. You can also combine this expedition with the Amur Leopard Expedition.

Just like all of our other expeditions, this tour is not subcontracted or given over for implementation to any other agency – we control all our own operations. We know the rangers, we know the drivers, and our own expedition leaders guide it.

Why Book With Voygr?

Actually Local. At Every Destination.

We don’t subcontract our tours to “local” companies. We are the local company. At Voygr, our expeditions aren’t planned by “specialists” that have visited a destination once on a familiarization trip, 4 years ago. Our experts live and work in the regions where we take our guests.

Empowering Remote Communities

Our singular mission when starting Voygr almost a decade ago was to put more money into remote communities. Controlling our own operations means that we can own our own infrastructure, hire our own local employees with exclusive contracts and ensure that your dollars actually end up where you’re traveling to instead of lining pockets in NYC or London.

Conservation is Key

Environmental conservation and protecting endangered species are core values. Voygr commits 20% of our annual profits to the High Asia Habitat Fund. In addition, we support several environmental causes. Expeditions with Voygr are not just carbon neutral – they are Carbon Negative.

Read more about Voygr Expeditions to learn about our ethics, how giving back to the communities we travel to is part of our DNA, and what steps we take to actively preserve our planet.

Siberian Tiger Bespoke Departure

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