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Snow Leopard Expedition to Kyrgyzstan

The snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan combines incredible trackers & top conservationists with stunning landscapes and ancient nomadic culture.

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Snow Leopard Expedition to Kyrgyztsan

The snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan combines incredible trackers & top conservationists with stunning landscapes and ancient nomadic culture.

The Snow Leopard Expedition to Kyrgyzstan is an incredible opportunity to track snow leopards while actively participating in ecosystem level conservation. Visit two different nature reserves, aid a ranger training mission, and assist field experts from the High Asia Habitat Fund and the Snow Leopard Trust.
 Experience legendary Kyrgyz hospitality, see the great lake of Issyk-Kul, and meet traditional Eagle Hunters. 40% of the revenue from this trip is a tax-deductible donation. (US) This trip needs 4 guests to operate.

Departures can be made private.

October 1-14 2022 | 2023
4-6 Guests
Starts/ends in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Led by Behzad J. Larry FRGS, FRAS
From USD $6,880 per person

    The Snow Leopard Expedition to Kyrgyzstan is an incredible opportunity to track snow leopards while actively participating in ecosystem level conservation. Visit two different nature reserves, aid a ranger training mission, and assist field experts from the High Asia Habitat Fund and the Snow Leopard Trust.
 Experience legendary Kyrgyz hospitality, see the great lake of Issyk-Kul, and meet traditional Eagle Hunters. 40% of the revenue from this trip is a tax-deductible donation. (US) This trip needs 4 guests to operate. Departures can be made private.

    October 1-14 2022 | 2023
    4-6 Guests
    Starts/ends in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

    Led by Behzad J. Larry FRGS, FRAS
    From USD $6,880 per person

      World Class Field Team

      Join an international team of scientists and trackers with two decades of experience conserving snow leopards

      Superb Location

      Kyrgyzstan has the 2nd largest snow leopard habitat on Earth. Visit two different nature reserves to see the beauty of the Tian Shan.

      Top Equipment

      We use the very best Swarovski scopes. Teams also have access to high-tech communication and two-way radios.

      Grade-A Adventure

      This is a full field experience. Cross streams in 4x4s, explore nature on horse-back, and camp in beautiful wilderness.

      Introduction to the Snow Leopard Expedition to Kyrgyzstan

      Overview : The Snow Leopard Expedition to Kyrgyzstan

      This journey is truly one of a kind. It combines the world’s top snow leopard tracking team with leading snow leopard scientists. You will be an active participant on a ranger training mission. Voygr’s award-winning Ladakhi Field Team will train Kyrgyz National Park Rangers on snow leopard tracking, community based conservation, and best practices of environmentally conscious tourism.

      This trip is run in cooperation between the High Asia Habitat Fund (HAHF), the Snow Leopard Foundation Kyrgyzstan (the Snow Leopard Trusts’s Kyrgyz partner), and Voygr Expeditions. 20% of the revenue will go to the HAHF and 20% to the SLFK to support ranger trainings and community based conservation.

      By participating on this trip, you will provide our trainee rangers with experience working with tourists and demonstrate to communities that preserving wildlife and the environment attracts tourists. You will also directly contribute to generating incomes for several local community members.

      Kyrgyzstan, officially the Kyrgyz Republic, is an incredible destination that combines two thousand years of history with stunning geography and terrain. On the crossroads of the Great Silk Route, the country has an ancient and unique Turkic culture. Modern day Kyrgyz culture also has elements of Persian, Mongolian, and Russian influence.

      This snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan takes place in October as autumn ends and winter begins. The nature reserves we use are best accessed at this time of the year. Before heavy snowfall and thick ice on stream crossings reduce mobility.

      This time of the year also coincides with mating season for argali (Marco Polo sheep). Distracted rams and the commotion of mating season are great opportunity for snow leopards on the hunt.

      The snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan starts with arrival in the capital city, Bishkek. After two days exploring this former Soviet city, we transfer by road to the first nature reserve in Shamshy. This reserve has a small wooden ranger cabin that acts as our base in this wild frontier.

      We spend 4 days here tracking snow leopards, setting research camera traps, and assisting scientists with some data collection. We explore the reserve on foot. Then we continue East by road stopping to visit some traditional Kyrgyz falconers. Kyrgyz falconers raise and train falcons and golden eagles to help them hunt. We spend a night in the town of Karakol by the vast Issyk-Kul lake.

      Then we re-enter the mountains, gaining elevation before arriving at the small village of Ak-Shirak. Here we learn about the vital community based conservation work done by the Snow Leopard Trust. Then we spend 4 days in the nearby Sarychat – Ertash State Nature Reserve searching for snow leopards. We drive to a ranger cabin in this reserve. Using this as base camp, we pitch our tents near it. We explore the reserve on horse-back and conduct scientific research and track snow leopards. At the end of the tour, we return to Bishkek, where we have one night.

      What’s Unique About The Snow Leopard Expedition To Kyrgyzstan?

      The snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan is unique because we have both local and international snow leopard experts on it. By participating on this expedition you will be an active member of a ranger training expedition. We fly two of our very best spotters from Ladakh, India. With two decades of experience tracking these cats – Dorjay and Smanla are the world’s top snow leopard trackers. They will track these cats while teaching Kyrgyz Rangers their skills.

      Scientists from the Snow Leopard Trust will join us to give an important perspective on conservation and community engagement as well as the latest science on snow leopards, ibex, argali, wolves, and the other animals that call this land home.

      This expedition is led by Behzad Larry, FRGS, FRAS. Behzad has seen over 100 snow leopards in the wild. He has led a ranger training team to Kyrgyzstan previously.

      All our spotters and guests will have access to the very best optics by Swarovski. Read more about why great optics are critical and why we ensure the best guest to scope ratio.

      This snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan is the most difficult of our 4 snow leopard tours. It is an adventure and is designed for those that want to get a taste of field research and directly support conservation of the snow leopard and its habitat. If you are looking for something easier, we have three other options.

      Itinerary : Snow Leopard Expedition To Kyrgyzstan

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      Day 1. Arrive in Bishkek

      1.Welcome to Kyrgyzstan! We’ll meet you at Bishkek airport and transfer you to your hotel. A relaxed evening with a welcome dinner.

      Day 2. Explore Bishkek

      2.Bishkek lies at the northern edge of the Ala Too Range, an extension of the Tian Shan. This Soviet era city has many green spaces, wide boulevards, and parks besides imposing Soviet style architecture. It is a fun city to explore on foot with its many monuments, and institutions.

      We’ll explore the central Ala Too square, with the houses of Parliament, the President’s office, a sculpture garden, and witness the changing of the guard.

      We’ll also visit the Snow Leopard Foundation, the Snow Leopard Trusts’ Kyrgyz partner to get some key insights into snow leopard conservation and the challenges faced by scientists and conservationists today.

      Central Asian feast tonight. All meals included. Overnight at the Orion.

      Day 3. To Shamshy State Nature Reserve

      3.We’ll depart Bishkek early to kick off the first part of our snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan. We’ll drive East, eventually turning off the highway to Issyk-Kul and steadily gaining altitude.

      Our home over these four days will be a small ranger out-post in this reserve. The ranger station simple and rugged. It has 3 bedrooms and a cozy dining space. The bedrooms will be shared by guests while our expedition team will pitch tents next door.

      Day 4-6. Tracking Snow Leopards

      4-6. Our snow leopard trackers will scan the surrounding mountains and valleys for signs of snow leopards. Trackers will split up across a few different sectors with high powered Swarovski spotting scopes and radios. Our Kyrgyz field team knows these mountains like the back of their hands, while our Ladakhi spotters have tracked these elusive cats for over 20 years. A winning combination. Our highest chances of spotting snow leopards are at dawn and dusk. If one of our spotters finds a snow leopard, they will report it on the radio, and we’ll converge to their location, if we aren’t already nearby. The days are spent looking for a wide variety of wildlife including ibex, wolves, fox, and lynx. While the spotters do their job, we will help scientists from the Snow Leopard Trust with their field work. They will set up camera traps, look for signs of snow leopard such as scat, marking rocks, and more. The days will mostly consists of hiking. All meals cooked by our expedition team.

      Day 7. Traditional Falconers + Karakol

      7.We’ll say goodbye to this reserve and set-off for the lake-side town of Karakol today. On the 3 hour drive to Karakol, we’ll stop and visit Arstan, a good friend of ours in the small village of Bokonbaev. Arstan is a traditional Kyrgyz bürkütchü, a falconer who uses golden eagles to hunt small prey. We will see the his eagles, learn about his life and how he learned the skills from his father (a Kyrgyz legend), over lunch. We will also understand how this tradition fits in with the challenges of conservation today. Hunting with eagles is a traditional form of falconry found throughout the Eurasian Steppe, practiced by the Kazakhs and the Kyrgyz in contemporary Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Western Mongolia. After lunch, we’ll continue to Karakol. Karakol, near the great lake of Issyk-Kul, is a quaint mix of old Russian architecture and modern Kyrgyzstan. It is the burial place of the famous Russian explorer Prezhvalsky. Overnight at a guest house here. All meals included.

      Day 8. Ak-Shirak

      8. After departing Karakol, we’ll slowly gain altitude as we drive about 6 hours to the remote village of Ak-Shirak. This will be our gateway to the wildlife reserve of Sarychat- Ertash and the 2nd half of our snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan. The village has several active community based conservation programs managed by the Snow Leopard Trust. Communities like Ak-Shirak inhabit the frontlines between the last wild places on our planet and slowly encroaching human habitation. Well run conservation programs can greatly mitigate human-wildlife conflict at such places. After arriving at Ak-Shirak, we’ll spend time meeting with the community and learn about how they co-exist with the snow leopard. Also learn about the Snow Leopard Trust’s work here through community members. Overnight at home-stay. All meals included.

      Day 9-12. Sarychat - Ertash State Reserve

      9-12. After saying goodbye to the village, we’ll drive into Sarychat-Ertash Reserve and to our camp. A 1 room building serves as a remote ranger station here. We’ll pitch our camp next to it. This will be home-base for day trips that explore the surrounding valleys. Voygr will provided all necessary expedition equipment. High-end expedition tents, camp mattresses, expedition grade sleeping bags. We’ll be warm, well-fed, and in prime snow leopard habitat. With an expert crew of trackers and spotters, we’ll explore the reserve on day trips on horseback to track and see snow leopards. You will spend these days exploring different valleys with your expedition guides and snow leopard experts. While spotters work their magic and try to find a snow leopard, or a herd of argali or ibex in their scopes, you’ll get a chance to see how research is conducted using camera traps to monitor and count various animals. You’ll stop by rocks frequently visited by snow leopards to leave scent markings on and help the Snow Leopard Trust retrieve camera trap footage or install new camera traps. Each day will start and end with your spotting team scanning the ridges for movement as snow leopards like to walk ridges so they can peer for prey on both sides of the mountain.

      Day 13. Back to Bishkek

      13. Return to Bishkek via a long 10 hour drive and enjoy a hot shower at the Orion. Celebrate your epic journey with your team! Overnight at the Orion Bishkek. All meals.  

      Day 14. Fly Out

      14.We’ll drop you to the airport for your flight home. OR fly to Mongolia. Our Snow Leopard Tour To Mongolia starts right after this one. Fly with your expedition leader and lead tracker to Mongolia to also try tracking snow leopards there!  

      The Area: The Kyrgyz Tian Shan

      Over 80% of the country is covered by the Tian Shan mountain range. Kyrgyzstan has over 100,000 square kilometers of snow leopard habitat. We will search for the snow leopard in two different reserves.

      One to the west of lake Issyk-Kul in the Kyrgyz Ala Too Sub-Range, and one to its south in the Terskey Ala-Too Sub Range of the Tian Shan. Issyk-kul is the 10th largest lake on the planet, and the 2nd largest salt water lake, after the Caspian Sea. This waterbody dominates the Northern Tian Shan.

      Along with the snow leopard the region is home to argali (Marco Polo sheep), Siberian ibex, wolves, brown bears, lynx, Pallas’s cat, wild boars, foxes, porcupines, and Tian Shan elk.

      There are also a variety of mustelids such as the Least Weasel, stoat, and Steppe polecat. The regions we will visit are also excellent for bird watching.

      Kyrgyzstan has 421 listed species of avifauna. Golden eagles, Steppe eagles, imperial eagles, a variety of buzzards, harriers, griffons, vultures, falcons are common. Several types of pheasants such as the Tibetan snowcock, Himalayan snowcock, chukar, and ring-necked pheasant are also seen. There are also a variety of moorhens, coots, crakes, bustards, ibisbills, avocets, lapwings, plovers, sandpipers, sandgrouse, owls, larks, wagtails, pipits, accentors, thrushes, warblers (including the White-browed tit-warbler), wheatears, tits, shrikes, buntings, finches, and many more.


      Conservation is at the heart of every thing we do. Voygr Expeditions is proud to donate $350 per snow leopard tour booking to the Snow Leopard Trust and 20% of its annual profits to the High Asia Habitat Fund to further conservation in front-line communities across Central Asia. Besides this our trackers and naturalists provide annual training to rangers in Central Asia as well as access to high-tech equipment and gear to preserve critical habitat on the world’s highest frontiers.

      High Asia Habitat Fund

      Who Doesn't Love Some Good Maps?

      Overview-map of Snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan

      Context. A zoomed out view showing the massive lake Issyk-Kul, with Bishkek to it’s northwest, Shamshy Reserve to its west, Karakol to its southeast and Sarychat beyond that.

      Terrain Map Shamshy

      Shamshy Reserve. Our Ranger cabin is where the Voygr logo is. We’ve got some spectacular valleys to explore here, leading up to a glacier.

      Terrain overview of Sarychat for the snow leopard expedition to Kyrgzystan

      The Sarychat Reserve. Our camp is where the Voygr logo is. More spectacular valleys to explore here.

      Accommodations: Snow Leopard Expedition to Kyrgyzstan

      Voygr's Remote Camps

      Suited for adventurous travelers that love the outdoors, our remote camps in Kyrgyzstan cover all the basics. At Shamshy State Nature Reserve, guests will share bedrooms at the ranger station. The ranger station is an insulated building with 2 bedrooms, a dining room, and a room that acts as a bedroom and small kitchen. We will also pitch a few tents near the ranger cabin to accommodate other members of the expedition team.

      In Sarychat, the Ranger cabin is just 1 room. All the rangers will sleep here while guests get their own tents. We use expedition grade Marmot tents imported from the USA. They are suited to the conditions we will camp in. Guests are provided with expedition grade double layered sleeping bags (rated to -40ºc/f), and comfortable camping mattresses.

      We will have a large dome tent that will act as lounge and dining. It’ll have dining tables and chair, a bar, and a gas heater. There will be a basic outhouse at both reserves.

      The purpose of this trip is to track snow leopards, aid conservation science, and experience a fun adventure.

      If you’re looking for nice accommodations and luxuries, see our 12 day Signature Snow Leopard Expedition to Ladakh or our 10 day Classic Snow Leopard Tour to Ladakh. The Snow Leopard Tour to Mongolia is more comfortable than this one and at a lower altitude than Ladakh or Kyrgyzstan.

      The Orion Hotel, Bishkek

      The Orion is an upscale hotel in Central Bishkek. It’s got a great location, roughly a 14 minute walk from the Ala Too Square. The hotel has comfortably sized modern rooms along with a sauna, hamam, and an indoor pool.

      Dates and Prices for the Snow Leopard Expedition to Kyrgyzstan


      • USD $6,880 per person – twin-sharing rate
      • USD $7,740 per person – single rate.
      • $2,752 per person is included in this price as a tax deductible donation to the High Asia Habitat Fund. This will be spent on ranger trainings and preventing human-wildlife conflict in snow leopard habitat. A receipt will be issued for your donation. Your participation in this tour will fund much-needed trainings.


      • On the sharing rate you’ll share accommodations with other people. In Bishkek, this means 2 guests to a room. In Shamshy, two or three. In Sarychat, it’s tents. Your own tent is possible here.
      • On the single rate, all accommodations will be yours alone. Single accommodations in Bishkek will be your own room at the Orion. In Shamshy State Nature Reserve the cabin only has 3 rooms. So if you want your own space, it’ll have to be a tent, as the cabin is shared space. In Sarychat – Ertash State Nature Reserve, all guests will be in tents and singles are easily accommodated.

      2022 Departure

      October 1 – 14, 2022. Spots Available. October 1. Arrive in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. October 14. Fly out of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

      2023 Departure

      October 1 – 14, 2023. Spots Available. October 1. Arrive in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. October 14. Fly out of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

      • Book by email or by phone.
      • A 15% deposit is required for confirming bookings.
      • Full payment is due 60 days before departure.
      • See full booking terms & conditions.

      Voygr’s Flexibility Guarantee

      We know you’re looking to travel again. And we know you need your plans to be flexible. 

      Need to change plans? Reschedule it.
 Change plans up to 45 days before your scheduled departure. We’ll let you reschedule to the same tour within a 18 month period. You may incur charges if the tour you switch to is more expensive.

      Need to cancel entirely? No penalty cancellation up to 60 days before departure.

      New travel restrictions imposed?
 We understand that travel restrictions can pop-up forcing you to change plan. We’ll issue a full refund if a restriction affects your trip and you can’t reschedule it. We’ll do this up to 45 days before start of trip.

      What's Included & Excluded

      What’s Included

      • All guiding, tracking, and expedition services
      • Shared accommodation throughout trip with all meals
      • Hotel in Bishkek. Basic cabin or tent in Shamshy. Tent in Sarychat
      • Guest-house in Karakol
      • Full bar at remote camps
      • All camping equipment, full down sleeping bags
      • 3 high-powered Swarovski BTX 95 or 115 spotting scopes per group.
      • All road journeys and airport transfers
      • Pre-trip advice and briefing

      What’s Excluded

      • International flights
      • Visa for Kyrgyzstan (many countries citizens don’t need one)
      • Travel insurance (required)
      • Personal expenses such as alcoholic drinks, souvenirs, gifts, calls, laundry, room-service. Alcohol is included in remote camps- but nowhere else
      • Gratuities

      Altitude Information About The Snow Leopard Expedition to Kyrgyzstan

      Snow Leopards are some of the most elusive animals on earth. Spotting them is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, the terrain they live in is high, harsh, and difficult. Participants on our Snow Leopard Expedition to Kyrgyzstan must be moderately fit, have medical clearance from their physician to be at high altitudes (above 10,000 feet), and should be able to walk 3-6 kilometers (2 – 4 miles) per day in sometimes rough, mountainous terrain. The 2nd part of this tour requires horse-riding everyday. We recommend taking a basic riding class before you come here, if you’ve never ridding before. There are always plenty of staff around to help you. There is no highly technical riding needed. We basically just let the horses keep a walking pace. We promise you, the sight of a Snow Leopard in the wild is something you will never forget. If altitude is a concern, explore our Snow Leopard Tour to Mongolia instead. If comfort is a concern, we recommend our 10 day Classic Snow Leopard Tour to Ladakh or the 12 day Signature Snow Leopard Expedition to Ladakh.

      We're Experts At Altitude

      Voygr’s team are part conservationists and part mountaineers, and one of the finest expedition crews on the planet. You’re in the best hands. Your Expedition Leader, Behzad Larry has guided dozens of expeditions at altitude in the Himalayas with clients of all fitness levels. Our itineraries are built with acclimatization in mind and our staff is well trained to always monitor guests’ well being. Together, your team is well equipped to handle any emergency that pops up.

      Health & COVID

      Exceptional care is taken to protect our staff and our guests from the transmission of any communicable diseases. Training and re-training are the norm. If you’d like to read a more detailed account of our COVID policies, please go here.

      As an organization, we love science. We’re following the advice of the WHO on best practices to keep everyone safe and healthy. We’re also a very transparent organization. If you have questions, just ask.

      Private Camp

      Voygr’s camps are located off the beaten path and away from crowds. The exclusivity of our location also offers peace of mind. A tented camp means no shared hallways, lots of space, clean air and pure water. Snow leopard expeditions aren’t safari vehicle bound. So you’re not stuck in close spaces with other guests. Meals can be served privately, in your own tent, or outside.


      Common spaces, such as dining facilities are cleaned 5 times a day. All touch surfaces are wiped down with alcohol. Vehicles are sanitized before guests get on board and the drivers wear masks. Trackers, guides, and spotters in close proximity to guests also wear masks and are trained to practice rigorous personal hygiene.

        Or give us a call: US: +1 646 905 0550 UK: +44 1316 080 049

        Essential Reading

        Can’t figure out which tour is the one for you? Download our 43 page e-Book. The goal of this detailed PDF is to lay out the various options possible. It is designed to help YOU choose the ideal type of snow leopard tour and ideal destination for YOU. We list all the merits of each destination, alongside the challenges. We also discuss photography, so you have the correct expectations, cover the ethics of snow leopard tourism, and finally, list our snow leopard itineraries, so you have it all in one place.

        This is the most extensive information on snow leopard expeditions anywhere on the planet. If you have questions – just get in touch. We’d love to exchange emails, speak on the phone, or do a video call.

        Our Other Snow Leopard Tours & Expeditions

        Besides this expedition to Kyrgyzstan, we have two departures for snow leopards in Ladakh, India. Our Classic Snow Leopard Tour to Ladakh (10 Days) and Signature Snow Leopard Expedition to Ladakh (12 Days) are the most comfortable and luxurious snow leopard journeys in the world. We also have a Snow Leopard Tour to Mongolia. To learn more, read our extensive article, “Which Snow Leopard Tracking Tour: India, Mongolia or Kyrgyzstan?” Or give us a call. Our 2020 snow leopard tours were yet again 100% successful. Read about them here.

            Snow Leopard Expedition to Kyrgyzstan Team

            Besides Voygr’s Expedition team, this trip will have a set of Kyrgyz Rangers at both State Reserves as well scientists from the Snow Leopard Foundation Kyrgyzstan.

            Abdul Rashid
            Abdul Rashid
            Senior Vice President Operations • Snow Leopard Specialist • Photographer

            Abdul Rashid is a renowned snow leopard specialist, filmmaker, photographer, and Himalayan expert who works with Voygr. Hailing from a small village in Nubra Valley near the Indo-Chinese border, Rashid is fluent in eight languages. With a 20-year career as…

            View Profile
            Behzad Larry
            Behzad J. Larry, FRGS, FRAS
            CEO • Photographer • Snow Leopard Specialist

            Behzad Larry is a professional photographer, historian, and adventurer. An avid explorer, Behzad specializes in documenting the remote reaches of the world. Through his travel photography he covers wildlife, portraiture, and landscapes in the high Himalayas, Central Asia, and the…

            View Profile
            Dorjay Stanzin
            Dorjay Stanzin
            Snow Leopard Specialist • Conservationist

            Dorjay "eagle-eyes" Stanzin is probably the world's top snow leopard spotter. Hailing from the small village of Skiu in Hemis National Park, Dorjay has been working with snow leopards and conservation since 1990. Between 1992 and 1997 he helped start…

            View Profile
            Nawang Tsering
            Nawang Tsering
            Snow Leopard Specialist • Conservationist

            Nawang is an incredible snow leopard spotter, with over 15 years of experience tracking the grey ghost. He's from the village of Rumbak in Hemis National Park. Nawang has a tremendous knowledge of Himalayan and Central Asian wildlife and has…

            View Profile

            Frequently Asked Questions About The Snow Leopard Expedition to Kyrgyzstan

            What is the best time to go on a snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan?

            Snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan can be tracked by our highly experienced teams from September through April. However, the more remote reserves are very hard to access after November due to heavy snowfall. This makes setting camp in ideal spots very difficult. We schedule our snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan in October as this also overlaps with argali mating season.

            What are the chances of actually seeing a snow leopard in Kyrgyzstan?

            Pretty great! Kyrgyzstan is part of our long term ecotourism plan. Diversifying livelihoods is an important part of conservation. The more livelihoods we can generate that rely less on livestock, the more resources We’ve trained rangers here previously and are building up this  program to upgrade the skills of local rangers. We will supplement the experienced local rangers with two of our field experts from Ladakh as head trackers.

            What optics do you use on the snow leopard expedition to Kyrgyzstan?

            The very best available. Our guests always have access to a few top-of-the-line Swarovski BTX 95 scopes. All our trackers and spotters are outfitted with Swarovski optics and we always have scopes on hand for the viewing pleasure of our guests. Read more about why great optics are critical for a great snow leopard expedition.

            Why is Voygr the expert at tracking snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan?

            Voygr Expeditions is the world’s leading supplier of high-end snow leopard tours. We are the only company in the world that leads snow leopard expeditions to Kyrgyzstan with an actual chance of success. While others do sell tours that operate in snow leopard habitat, the chances of seeing a snow leopard without experienced professional trackers is minuscule. We know these do not exist in Kyrgyzstan because we work with the most experienced state rangers. Even these highly experienced Kyrgyz rangers cannot find them. Most have seen a handful of snow leopards in their entire life. These sightings have always been random encounters where they were not actively looking for snow leopards. Their sightings are attributed to being out in the field for lengthy periods and not active tracking.  This is why we bring professional snow leopard trackers from our operations in India. They both track snow leopards and teach their skills to their Kyrgyz counterparts. At the minimum, 90% of our staff are locals and from within the area we travel to. This allows us to ensure that we’re putting critical financial resources into the communities who live on the front-lines of conservation.

            Why is Kyrgyzstan a great choice for a snow leopard expedition?

            Much of Kyrgyzstan comprises of rugged mountain systems. Out of roughly 77,000 square miles of terrain, 38,000 is snow leopard habitat. But this snow leopard expedition is not just about seeing a snow leopard. It is about conservation. Kyrgyzstan has a lot of livestock. According to the WorldBank, in 2013, it had 5.5 million sheep and goats. Mountains, snow leopards, and livestock are always a formula for human-wildlife conflict. Our snow leopard expeditions to Kyrgyzstan serve as a model to demonstrate that tourism can provide great non-livestock dependent jobs to remote communities. Successful models can be scaled to surrounding nations.

            Where should I go on a snow leopard expedition?

            We run snow leopard tours in Ladakh, India, Mongolia, and Kyrgyzstan. Each is different. In fact, you could go on all three and have 3 incredible trips, seeing different landscapes, cultures, and countries. We’ve written an extensive article on how to choose the right tour for you : Which snow leopard tracking tour: India, Mongolia, or Kyrgyzstan?

            Testimonials for our Snow Leopard Expeditions

            Exceptional journeys get exceptional reviews. 5/5 stars from every guest that’s ever reviewed us.

            A True Adventure

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            This adventure absolutely exceeded my expectations. It was a unique combination of being totally in nature with many upscale comforts. The staff was exceptional, they anticipated your every need and were especially accommodating. I have such respect for everyone who…continue reading

            Dream Trip to See Snow Leopards

            My wife and I had a dream trip up to Leh/Hemis National Park with Voygr Expeditions and Behzad and were lucky enough to see several snow leopards! We even saw a mum and 2 cubs playing around in snow from…continue reading

            Exceptional Snow Leopard Expedition

            Just came back from an 8-night trekking expedition with the Voygr crew. Wow. Unbelievable camp experience with some nice amenities (e.g. cots/carpets/side tables in the tents), and great food prepared 3x daily (lunch was delivered to us wherever we were…continue reading

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            Snow leopard safari

            Snow Leopard Safari or Expedition? What’s In A Name?

            Snow leopard safari? As snow leopard experts, here's why we don’t use the 's' word when describing these trips. Quest? Yes. Expedition? Yup. Tour? Sure.

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            Snow Leopard Tracking Tour

            Tracking Snow Leopards: India, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, or Tajikistan?

            Planning to track snow leopards? Learn what's best for you: India, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, or Tajikistan. We compare comfort, altitude, and sighting chances.

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            Snow Leopard Photo Tour

            Snow Leopard Photo Tour: Detailed Planning Information

            Want to plan the best snow leopard photo tour? We explain why some destinations are better than others and give you info on the ideal…

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            Why Book With Voygr?

            Actually Local. At Every Destination.

            We don’t subcontract our tours to “local” companies. We are the local company. At Voygr, our experts live and work in the regions where we take our guests.

            Empowering Remote Communities

            Our mission when starting Voygr almost a decade ago was to put more money into remote communities. Fully controlled operations means we hire local employees from remote communities. This ensures that your dollars actually end up where you’re traveling to instead of lining pockets in NYC or London.

            Conservation is Key

            Environmental conservation and protecting endangered species are core values. Voygr commits 20% of our annual profits to the High Asia Habitat Fund. Expeditions with Voygr are not just carbon neutral – they are Carbon Negative.

            Read more about Voygr Expeditions to learn about our ethics, how giving back to the communities we travel to is part of our DNA, and what steps we take to actively preserve our planet.

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