Mentok Kangri Summit Expedition with an Intro to the Basics of Mountaineering (6,258 M)

Mentok KangriMentok Kangri towers over the sapphire waters of the high altitude lake of Tso Moriri in Southern Ladakh. Learn the basics of mountaineering on the Mentok ridge with our team of expert climbing guides before attempting the summit, 6,258 meters above sea level, over 20,500 feet.

June 30 – July 10, 2019
Trek + Mountaineering Expedition
Ladakh, India
Group Size: 4-9
Spots:  Available
Duration: 11 Days
Guaranteed Departure.
This expedition can also be mounted as a custom/private trip.

$3,819 per person

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Mentok Kangri Mentok Kangri Mentok Kangri Mentok Kangri

Expedition Details

Mentok Kangri Summit & Intro to the Basics of Mountaineering

Mentok Kangri is one of Ladakh’s lesser visited peaks. Unlike Stok Kangri, right across from the town of Leh, you won’t find crowds of climbers ruining your summit experience. The beautiful lake of Tso Moriri, visible from base camp and for the duration of the climb adds to the surreal experience. This is one of the most beautiful treks on earth, being able to see the landscape from the summit is just the icing on the cake.

Ladakh’s mountains are an incredible place to begin your foray into mountaineering and Voygr’s expert guides are just the teachers you’ve been searching for. Our Nepali climbing guides, Puspa Gurung, Nawang Sherpa, Mingma Sherpa, and Badal Gurung are accomplished mountaineers. Collectively, they have multiple summits on Mt. Everest, K2, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lhotse, Nun, Kun, Saser Kangri, Kang Yatze, and hundreds of summits of Stok and Mentok Kangri.

This 11 day adventure starts off with your arrival in Leh. The first two days are spent around Leh to acclimatize to the town’s high altitude of 3,500 meters. Then we’ll set out by road to the Changthang region of Ladakh and make camp by the enchantingly beautiful lake of Tso Moriri. Each day, you’ll receive briefings and instructions on a variety of topics related to mountaineering including:

  1. Ropes and knots
  2. Using your crampons
  3. Using an ice axe
  4. Roped glacier travel
  5. Safe crevasse traverses and dealing with whiteouts

A few days of trekking, with increasingly higher sleeping elevations will allow us to acclimatize gradually and get our bodies used to operating at these high altitudes. After establishing base camp at 5,400 meters, we’ll spend a day and a half practicing the techniques we’ve learned on Mentok glacier before attempting the summit. This expedition is geared for those who are physically fit. You don’t need previous mountaineering experience.

Voygr’s Expert Guides

Abdul Rashid
Our VP of Expeditions and Adventure, Abdul Rashid, is a Ladakhi with over 2 decades of experience leading and guiding serious mountaineering expeditions around Ladakh. Rashid’s deep knowledge of the regions mountains, ecology, culture, and deep connections across the region make him a world expert on Ladakh. Rashid will be the expedition chief and lead instructor on this summit.

Puspa Lal Gurung
Puspa is an accomplished mountaineer with summits on 11 peaks in Ladakh over 20,000 feet including Nun (23,408ft) and Kun (23218ft). Puspa hails from the small village of Yuksom, nestled in the foothills of Mt. Kanchendzonga (the 3rd highest peak on earth) in Sikkim, India.

Mingma Sherpa
Mingma is a mountaineer of legendary stamina and a member of the search and rescue team on Mt. Everest. With summits on Mt. Everest, K2, Lhotse, and Makalu, he’s also our star climber. Mingma comes from Lukla, deep in the Khumbu region of Nepal, a few days journey from Mt. Everest.

Mentok Kangri

Puspa on the far left and Mingma on the far right with other Voygr climbing guides and Tamim, Rashid’s 10 year old son, who summited Mentok with us in August 2016.

$3,819 per person

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Depending on recent precipitation, Mentok Kangri can be a moderately technical mountain to climb. Without snow, the approach is rocky and icy with a need to use the front points of the crampons and an ice axe to slowly ascend the mountain. With soft snow as the top layer, the mountain becomes a bit easier to climb. The trek to and from base camp is fairly a slow lateral ascent over a rocky moraine. The physical exertion combined with the altitude adds to the difficulty. Each day is between 6-9 kilometers in length with an acclimatizing day of about 12 KM.

As with all high altitude activities both high altitude cerebral edema and high altitude pulmonary edema are a risk without proper acclimatization. For this reason, we’ve kept this itinerary a bit longer to ensure proper acclimatization and a safe trip for you. All participants require medical clearance from their personal physicians at home to participate in mountaineering and high altitude activities.

Quick Itinerary

June 30.  Arrive in Leh, India Day 1. Fly to Leh. Check in to the Grand Dragon Hotel and slowly acclimatize to the altitude. Alt, 3,500m/ 11,482 ft. (B, L, D)
July 1. Around Leh, India
Day 2. Short driving tour of local monasteries and an evening acclimatizing walk around Leh. (B, L, D)
July 2.  Drive to Korzok Day 3. We’ll set out to the small nomadic town of Korzok, besides the magical lake of Tso Moriri. Alt, 4,200m/13,779 ft. (B, L,  D)
July 3. Trekking Day 4. First day of trekking. A 12 KM walk will take us to the nomadic encampment of Korzok phu. Alt, 4,600m/ 15,091 ft .  (B, L, D)
July 4. Trekking Day 5. Acclimatization day hike to a nearby pass for an altitude gain of 700m, 11 KM. Alt, 4,600m/ 15,091 ft (B, L, D)
July 5. Trekking Day 14. Hike to base camp at 5,400m. 9 KM walk.  (B, L, D)
July 6.  Trekking Day 15. Hike to glacier, instruction in ice/snow skills all day. Return to base camp in the evening. Alt, 5,400m/ 17,716 ft. (B, L, D)
July 7. Summit Day 16. Summit day (6,258M). Start at 2 AM. Return to base camp by the evening.  Alt, Alt, 5,400m/ 17,716 ft. (B, L, D)
July 8.  Trekking Day 17. Break camp and return to Korzok. 9 KM walk. (B, L, D)
July 9. Drive to Leh, India Day 16. Drive back to Leh. Enjoy your hot shower! 3,500 M (B, L, D)
July 10. Fly out
Day 16. Fly out! (B)

B = Breakfast. L = Lunch. D = Dinner.

What’s Included in the Tour

  • Mountaineer Abdul Rashid as your expedition leader and instructor.
  • Puspa Gurung and Mingpa Sherpa as your climbing guides and instructors.
  • Accommodation at the Grand Dragon Hotel in Leh with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, on twin-sharing in Leh.  (Single extra.)
  • Accommodation in single tents with insulated sleeping mats, full down sleeping bags, and full board while trekking.
  • All road journeys via Toyota Innovas or Tempos
  • Pre-trip advice and briefing
  • Group medical kit and oxygen cylinder for emergencies.
  • Austrian and Swiss full down sleeping bags (Rated to -40ºC)
  • Mountaineering equipment available for rent.

What’s NOT Included

  • International flights
  • Domestic flights
  • Visa for India
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses such as alcoholic drinks, beverages, gifts, calls, laundry, hot showers, snacks, battery charging etc.
  • Gratuities

Please read Voygr’s terms & conditions for further details.

Add on Extension Trip to Nubra Valley

Extend your trip by a magical 3 days to explore the Nubra region of Ladakh. Nubra is a stunning valley and the last Northern frontier of India before the start of Central Asia. Get an insight into the culture and traditional way of life in the small Balti village of Turtuk, nestled in the Karakoram range, ride the double humped Bactrian camels in the sand dunes of Hunder, and visit the ancient monastery of Diskit.

The 3 day extension costs $880 per person.

$3,819 per person

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Full Itinerary

Full Itinerary

Mentok Kangri Summit Expedition & Intro to Basic Mountaineering

Mentok Kangri Expedition Day 1
Aug 10. Arrive in Leh
Catch the morning flight to the Trans-Himalayan town of Leh. Leh straddles the old silk route and was a nexus of important Central Asian trade routes till the late 1950’s. Today the beautiful town serves as an entry point to a dozen different types of mountain and high altitude adventures. We’ll collect you at the airport and drive you to your home in Leh, the Singge Palace Hotel. Spend the day at a pace that is slower than normal to properly acclimatize to the high altitude. Read a book, drink a few cups of tea, and enjoy the view. Time is the best way to acclimatize. In the evening we’ll have a welcome dinner and trip briefing with the whole crew. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Grand Dragon Hotel.

Mentok Kangri Expedition Day 2
Aug 11. Leh
Driving and walking tour of Leh.
We’ll drive to and explore the nearby monasteries of Thiksey and Matho in the morning and then stretch our legs and continue to acclimatize on an evening walking tour of Leh. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Grand Dragon Hotel.

Mentok Kangri Expedition Day 3
Aug 12.
Drive to Korzok.
We’ll head south out of Leh along the twisting Indus river and head to the Changthang region of Ladakh. The Changthan is named from a Tibetan perspective, meaning the ‘northern plains.’ The high plateau is a home to several gorgeous high altitude lakes and basins. We’ll make our camp besides one of the most beautiful of these, Tso Moriri, at 4,200 meters above sea level. Our camp will be near the tiny village of Korzok. Overnight in camp. Breakfast at in Leh, lunch on the road, and dinner in camp.

Mentok Kangri Expedition Day 4
Aug 13. Trek begins. Korzok Phu
Each village has a meadow or pastureland nearby called the phu. Korzok’s lies in the hills above it. We’ll walk from our camp to Korzok phu, about 10-12 KM, depending on where we pitch camp. Korzok phu is also where the local nomads reside during the summer, so be ready for some interesting Tibetan neighbors. Overnight in camp. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, prepared by our expert expedition cooks. Sleeping at 4,600m (15,091ft).

Mentok Kangri Expedition Day 5
Aug 14. Acclimatizing trek day
We’ll head to a nearby 5,300 meter pass to work our bodies and gain some altitude. A slow and steady pace will help us acclimatize to the rare air and trigger the production of more red blood cells to transport oxygen around our bodies more efficiently. Packed lunch at the pass, then a descent back to camp. Breakfast, lunch, dinner at Camp, or packed. Sleeping altitude 4,600m (15,091ft).

Mentok Kangri Expedition Day 6
Aug 15. Trek to Mentok Kangri base camp
Pack up and head to higher ground today. We’ll walk the 8-9 KM to base camp at 5,400m/ 17,716 ft. After resting a bit in camp, we’ll get our first introduction to wearing crampons and the basics of glacier travel. Overnight in camp. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner by our high altitude master chefs.

Mentok Kangri Expedition Day 7
Aug 16. Introduction to Mountaineering
After breakfast, we’ll walk out of camp, cross a moraine, strap on our crampons, and begin practicing the basics of glacier travel. Once we’ve found our feet, we’ll practice falling and arresting our fall with the ice axe. We’ll learn some techniques on how to deal with crevasses, how to create anchors and fix ice-screws, how to rappel, and how to ascend and descend on an icy and snowy incline. Then we’ll return to camp and rest. Breakfast and dinner at camp. Packed lunch. Sleeping altitude 5,400m/ 17,716 ft.

Mentok Kangri Expedition Day 8
Aug 17. Summit day
A very early wake-up call will have you at breakfast at 1:30 AM before setting out to cross that moraine again at 2 AM with our head lamps showing us the way. We’ll hit the glacier, put on our crampons, and dig in our ice axes as we slowly ascend the mountain. There will be fixed ropes to our left to clip into as we keep climbing. Once we’re near the summit rocks, we’ll sit, remove our crampons and hike the remaining 100 meters to the summit. After some celebratory snacks and juice, we’ll descend to the fixed ropes and slowly rappel back down the mountain we just climbed. Recross the glacier, the moraine, and arrive back to a hot cup of tea at our camp. Sleeping altitude 5,400m/ 17,716 ft.

Mentok Kangri Expedition Day 9
Aug 18. Descent to Korzok.
After a hearty breakfast, we’ll break camp and descent back down to Korzok at a relaxed pace. Last night of camp at Korzok. Take a drive out to see the lake by moon/star light. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner by our expert mountain chefs.

Mentok Kangri Expedition Day 10
Aug 19. Korzok to Leh.
Drive back from Korzok to Leh and check back in to the Grand Dragon Hotel. Enjoy that hot shower. Breakfast in camp, lunch on the road, and dinner at the hotel, or in Leh.

Mentok Kangri Expedition Day 11
Aug 20. Fly out of Leh
Fly back out to Delhi. Make sure you keep your connecting international flight for the next day (21st) preferably in the later afternoon or evening. This is to make sure you’ve got a safety day in case of inclement weather and any delays in the mountains.

$3,819 per person

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The Grand Dragon Hotel
The Grand Dragon  is a luxurious hotel located a few minutes walk from the main market of Leh. The warm hospitality and traditional Ladakhi friendliness of the staff keep you warm and comfortable in the cold Trans Himalayan winter.


The Voygr Camp
Voygr has one of the largest inventories of tents, sleeping bags, mattress pads, and expeditionary gear in Ladakh. We routinely purchase new gear and sell off our equipment when it begins showing signs of wear and age. Each adventurer will get their own tent (we can do a double tent for couples) sleeping mats, and heavy down sleeping bags. The camps will have kitchen tents, dining tents, and toilet tents. Hot water will be available in the mornings and evenings for washing up.

This is a full expedition with 4 guides, 2 cooks, 3 helpers, 3 porters, and 15 horses.

$3,819 per person

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So what should you pack on a expedition?



  • waterproof/breathable jacket
  • waterproof/breathable pants
  • insulated parka (preferably goose-down)
  • fleece jacket or wool sweater
  • synthetic or softshell hiking pants
  • fleece pants

Base Layer

  • expedition-weight long john bottoms
  • expedition-weight long john top
  • midweight long john top
  • midweight long john bottoms
  • long sleeve T-shirt
  • synthetic briefs
  • synthetic sports bra


  • wool or fleece hat
  • balaclava
  • midweight wool or fleece gloves
  • waterproof cold weather gloves


  • insulated camp booties
  • waterproof hiking boots (insulated is best)
  • wool or synthetic socks (3)
  • liner socks (2)


  • sun hat
  • bandanna

Personal Equipment

  • Water resistant duffel bag (don’t bring a suitcase as it’s hard to load on a horse)
  • trekking poles (if you like using them)
  • headlamp w/extra batteries and bulb
  • Water bottle
  • pocket knife or multitool
  • sunglasses
  • personal medications
  • chemical heat packs (if you like them)
  • stuff sacks
  • sunscreen (SPF 50+)
  • lip balm (SPF 50+)

Climbing Equipment

While we recommend bringing your own gear if mountaineering is something you definitely want to get into, we do have plenty of gear that we can rent to you. We have strap type manual crampons that can fit over most boots and standard Camp USA ice axes. We will supply all the rope for the fixed line that our guides will establish on the route. If you wish to bring your own gear, here’s what you can bring.

If you want us to provide a climbing helmet, please let us know in advance.

  • Climbing helmet
  • Climbing harness
  • 2 locking climbing carabiners
  • Figure 8 Descender (belay device)
  • Mountaineering boots
  • Crampons that fit your mountaineering boots (10 point crampons are perfect.)

$3,819 per person

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Right for me?

Is this the right adventure for me?

Mountaineering is mentally and physically exhausting. It is also one of the most rewarding activities one can pursue.

Participants on our Mentok Kangri Summit Expedition must be fit, should be able to hike 10 miles a day in rough, mountainous terrain. They must also have medical clearance from their physician to be at high altitudes (above 10,000 feet). This expedition is designed as a learning expedition for those who are beginning or want to begin mountaineering, so we’re taking more precautions with each individual than we would usually with more seasoned mountaineers. This is one of the few expeditions on which you can learn from such highly accomplished mountaineers as your personal guides and mentors.

If mountaineering sounds like a sport you’d like to check out, this Voygr expedition is an incredible way to try it.

$3,819 per person

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