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Voygr's Journeys in the Press & Media

The world’s most highly regarded travel publications have featured Voygr’s unique expeditions and awarded our incredible journeys.


Voygr Expeditions

How To Spend It

Voygr in the Press : The FT's How To Spend It

Ladakh, in Trans-Himalayan India, harbours some of the most compelling wildlife on earth, including the elusive snow leopard (whose endangered status was only downgraded last year). Who better to organise a private expedition here than the operator that guided the BBC’s Planet Earth II team to the first on-camera capture of four snow leopards together in the wild.” – October 30, 2018

[Voygr] applies an impressive eye for detail to every aspect of [its] guests’ comfort. The thick canvas tents are lined with felt, large enough to stand up in and furnished with beds, tables, and rugs, . . . heaters and hot-water bottles guarantee a toasty night . . . [i]n the main tent, prayer flags flutter and lampshades provide subtle shadows. Ladakhi dishes – delicately spiced soups and curries – are impeccably prepared and there is an open bar . . . [a]fter dinner, a hand of cribbage, a game of Scrabble, a single malt and a not-so-early night.” – November 28, 2019

The Times

Voygr in the Press : The Times

“That was the essence of a good photography trip. . . not to just snatch an image and move on, but to slow down, stop, and interact . . .

On the last afternoon a handful of us who had enough puff climbed up to the ridge overlooking the camp, found recent snow-leopard scat in a typical lair, and then settled down to watch as thousands of [pashmina goats], salt and pepper carpets a couple of hundred strong, appeared from up valley and down valley, converging on 60 tents wisped in smoke. It looked as though the whole hillside was on the move.

It was a high-plains migration with an age-old rhythm, and it was a privilege to be able to witness it.” – January 25, 2020

Harper's Bazaar

Voygr in the Press : Harper's Bazaar

“In this supplement [The Ultimate Travel Guide 2020] we celebrate the luxury hotels and experiences that are striving to preserve these extraordinary environments through wildlife conservation, eco-friendly design, renewable energy and community projects, for global adventures that are as sustainable as they are magical.

…Voygr’s Snow Leopard Expedition is a unique experience that takes travelers to look for these elusive creatures in Hemis National Park in India. From film-makers who have worked on the BBC’s Planet Earth II, to acclaimed mountaineers and historians, the expert guides are the heart and soul of the trips.” – January 2020

Robb Report

Voygr in the Press : Robb Report

“Ladakh, in Northern India, was once on the storied Silk Road. In the deep recesses of the Himalayas, it remains a point of cultural connection that few tourists get to witness . . . [c]onnection is exactly what [Voygr] grants you: incomparable entrée to people, communities and landscapes that very few others have come into contact with . . . Ladakh is not the India you think you know. But drive through its imposing landscapes, meet its people, inhale its thin, icy air, and it will become the India you cannot forget. ” – April 2020


Voygr in the Press : Bloomberg Magazine

“The best way to plan a trip is to think about what you love to do and when you need a break—not which destination you have yet to check off some list. With these key points in mind, we tapped our network of in-the-know editors and global correspondents to deliver two dozen inspiring spots that will be particularly enticing this coming year. . . Voygr, another high-end adventure operator, offers your best chance at sighting a snow leopard with guided walks in the Tien Shan mountain range (Kyrgyzstan).” – January 2020

Luxury Magazine

Voygr in the Press : Luxury Magazine

“a “rare opportunity” to spot the elusive species in the high, 10,000-foot-plus altitudes of the Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau. Much of the 14-day trek is based in Hemis National Park in the Ladakh region administered by India, home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of snow leopards.” – April 2020

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