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RECAP: Our 2021/22 Snow Leopard Tours in India

Spectacular snow leopard sightings, mating, and even a couple of kills rewarded guests in 2022.

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After COVID shut our tours down for two years, 2022 looked promising. However, by the time January rolled around, the Omicron wave in India disrupted travel again, forcing dozens of reschedulings for our guests. A few guests still managed to make it to what turned out to be an exceptional season when it came to sightings. Instead of pitching camp by Rumbak, we switched to the LUNGMĀR, a remote camp set-up started by our colleagues Rashid and Dorjay. With its central heat, spectacularly comfortable centrally-heated tents, luxurious suites, and 24/7 hot water, the camp was the perfect home in the wilderness for our guests.

The extraordinary LUNGMĀR Remote Camp

The extraordinary LUNGMĀR Remote Camp

Sightings on our snow leopard tours

Between travel restrictions and quarantines, just a handful of guests got to make it to snow leopards for our Jan-April 2022 snow leopard season. But all that came returned incredibly pleased! This year, we started a new system where we tracked locations of every sighting as well as the names of the trackers who found our elusive big cats. 

Nawang Tsering came out ahead with 16 cats, closely followed by the legendary Dorjay Stanzin with 10! We also had some great assists by Jigmet Dadul and KC Namgyal from the Snow Leopard Conservancy Trust who were in the field the same time as our tracking crews.

TrackerSnow Leopards
Nawang Tsering16
Dorjay Stanzin10
Abdul Rashid6
Stanzin Norboo3
Behzad Larry3
Jigmet Dadul4
KC Namgyal1

Overall we saw 38 snow leopards in 41 tracking days with some days resulting in multiple sightings, and some days with none. For the sixth year in a row, every single Voygr guest saw multiple snow leopards.

The two closest sightings were between 300 and 450 or so feet. The closest sightings were two different cats that had kills in a highly accessible area. Over 70% of the sightings were over 5 hours. The majority of sightings were in the 800 meters to 1.5 kilometer range to start, with most sightings having some flexibility in guests being able to move closer.

Besides the snow leopards guests also saw several Tibetan wolves, fox, lammergeirs, golden eagles, Tibetan snowcocks, Tibetan partridge, and a variety of other bird life. An incredibly luck group also saw a stone marten.

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We don’t subcontract our tours to “local” companies. We are the local company. At Voygr, our expeditions aren’t planned by “specialists” that have visited a destination once on a familiarization trip, 4 years ago. Our experts live and work in the regions where we take our guests.

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Environmental conservation and protecting endangered species are core values. Voygr commits 20% of our annual profits to the High Asia Habitat Fund. In addition, we support several environmental causes. Expeditions with Voygr are not just carbon neutral – they are Carbon Negative.

Read more about Voygr Expeditions to learn about our ethics, how giving back to the communities we travel to is part of our DNA, and what steps we take to actively preserve our planet.

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