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  • Exceptional experience from the beginning to end. I recently did a tailor made photography trip with Behzad J. Larry and his team from Voygr in Ladakh. Communication before the trip was very responsive and professional and together we worked out an ideal trip. The combination of Behzad's expertise, personality, photographic experience and enthusiasm and historical insights combined with Rashid's local knowledge, contacts and connections, capabilities and personality give a winning combination that is unbeatable. As a travel photographer, I know how important local knowledge and connections in gaining access to privileged situations which result in great photographic opportunities and this is exactly what you get with Voygr, all delivered with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail, be people who go to great lengths to make sure they're delivering what you're looking at the same time as being great fun and entertaining travel companions. I am already planning my next trip with them and can't recommend them highly enough. Visited 2016.
    Clare RowntreeTravel Photographer, Newcastle, UK.
  • Two of us had a tailor-made photography tour with Behzad and Rashid. We were presened with great locations and wonderful people to photograph; I doubt that anyone else could give the level of privileged access that we had. The amount of planning and groundwork done by Voygr was evident in their warm welcome from local people wherever we went, at any altitude. Great staff made the adventure as comfortable as it could be in an, at times, very harsh climate. The overal impression is that I was greatly privileged to have visited some very special people in Ladakh and I could not have done it in any better company. Manchester, UK. Visited 2016.
    Simon GarveyManchester, UK.
  • The trip customized by Voygr for our group was fabulous. It kept in mind acclimatization and travel time. They took care of hotel, permits, transportation, the best guides and driver (Chozkin and Stanzin - you are wonderful!) and meals on the road. When traveling to this region of India it is important to remember that it is still developing and was not open to tourists until recently. Given the incipient nature of the tourist industry in Ladakh, Voygr left us with very little to worry about and we were happy to be in their very capable hands. Voygr met us at the airport, and from then on it was all up to them. Our group of 6 traveled in a well kept Tempo Traveler, everyone had a window seat. There was always an oxygen tank. Our guide Chozkin was very knowledgeable about the history of Ladakh and our driver Stanzin knew all the roads. We traveled for 5 days covering Leh, Diskit, Hunder and Turtuk via KhardungLa. Voygr is very flexible to your needs and to the environment. Our day in Leh visiting monasteries had to be re-planned as all the monks had gone to see the Dalai Lama. Voygr took us to see the Dalai Lama to speak as well! How awesome! The landscape is unbelievably beautiful and unspoilt. Voygr took care of our homestays with wonderful people in Turtuk and the tents of Hunder were very comfortable with wifi to boot! Voygr also arranged our camel ride in Hunder - another once in a lifetime experience in a mountain desert sand dune. We were accommodated for any requests we had like stopping at pharmacies or other places along the journey. Voygr staff is known by everyone in Leh. I was very comfortable with them. They are used to tourists from overseas and our guide spoke English. It is the best way to travel the region. Let Voygr handle it all and you just soak in the wonder of the mountains. Would definitely go again! Visited August 2016
    Anulekha GanguliLong Island, New York
  • I have traveled the world but this is the first time I went with a guide. Looking back it was a good move, Rashid was PHENOMENAL and almost too good. I guess that maybe it was a given that he would get me where I needed to go and basically give me an all access pass to Ladakh (including expert itinerary and all that jazz) but, in my opinion, Rashid went over and above anything that I would have expected. For example, when we were out shooting stars, I was pretty happy with where we were but Rashid was not happy at the fact there was a lightbulb 500 yards in the distance. So, at 10PM we jumped in the car and drove 10 minutes into the darkness just to get a better picture. These guys were fantastic. NOTE: it was a little confusing for me when I first found Behzad and Voygr. This entry in Trip Advisor is listed as Behzad Larry Photography. The reason I have been talking about Rashid and Voyager is that Behzad and Rashid are the owners of Voygr.com which is an adventure tour operator based in Leh. They do much much more than what you see in this entry. Bottom line: 1000% percent happy with these guys and would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Visited 2016.
    Matt WrightPro Photographer, Breedfreed Photo, San Diego.
  • Traveling around Ladakh was an unreal experience. Being surrounded by such beauty is truly unforgettable. Behzad put together the perfect itinerary for us. We stayed at guest houses and camps which were simple yet comfortable and experienced great hospitality. Chamtse guest house in Leh started to feel like home by the end of our trip. Our driver, Imran was the best guide and we couldn't have seen Ladakh with anyone better. I'm not a big fan of long drives but in Ladakh I almost never wanted it to end. Our itinerary included Leh, Khardung la, Hunder, Turtuk, Tso Kar, Tso Moriri. I would definitely want to go back someday and visit Kargil, Zanskar and would love to go back to Turtuk and probably do a bit of rafting too. I would however skip Tso Kar - too deserted, too much walking and not much to eat. Visited July 2016.
    Neha MehraMumbai, India
  • My trip to Changtang with Rashid was probably one of the best travel experiences I've had in my life so far. Stunning sceneries, welcoming people, visiting the nomads and watching them following their daily routine (milking sheeps etc), shooting the Milkey Way in a clear and chilly night, good talks and company and so many more things just took my breath away and made me feel very grateful. Rashid is an amazing guide, knowledgeable, kind and always trying his best to make the trip an exclusive and unforgettable adventure. Thank you for the amazing time!
    Julia HindingerWien, Austria
  • Ladakh's beauty is unrivaled. We had a pretty seamless holiday there thanks to Voygr. You spend a large chunk on the road covering the vast stretches of Ladakh and thanks to the enthusiasm and competence of Imran, appointed by Behzad and Rashid, we had the best time. He's a very able driver and excellent guide whose love for Ladakh is infectious. Voygr set us up at homely guest houses and planned an itinerary that allowed us to see more than the tourist-infested spots. Will certainly return to Ladakh with Voygr. The team's love for the land is evident in how they plan trips here. Visited July 2016
  • I was lucky enough to visit Ladakh with my father for a family vacation. Rashid had the trip planned to perfection with every minor detail covered. Nothing was too difficult and after operating for so many years, Rashid has the country covered. No matter what your interest, climbing, hiking, riding or photography contact Rashid and let him organise it all! Visited June 2016
    Darius IraniSydney, Australia
  • I come back from an 8 trip in Ladakh with a heart swelling of gratitude. Gratitude for the beauty of Ladakh, but most importantly gratitude for Behzad, Rashid and team who do their job because they love it. From the heart. I got sick, and they took care of me better than my family, they took me to secret hidden gems of Ladakh, from villages, to camping with nomads (no tourists in sight), to delicious meals. They booked me with the sweetest family home in the world, where I got to feel like I am part of the family. From bike-riding, to photography coaching, to lots of laughter, I know I will be back to Ladakh, and definitely with them. Visited June 2016
    Jessica SemaanBeirut, Lebanon
  • Behzad, Rashid and his Voygr team provided me with one of the best adventures of my life (honestly, might be #1). In my short stay I got the opportunity to experience the following: 1. I saw a baby Pashmina goat take it's first steps right out of the womb on Tso Kar lake at 15,000 ft. 2. I camped out with the Changpa Nomads for 2 nights - eating dinner with them, herding goats, sleeping underneath the brightest stars I have ever seen. 3. I took the best photos of my life - portraits of Tibetan nomads, wild animals, incredible landscapes. 4. I hiked to the top of StokLa at 17,000 feet, and was just constantly blown away by all of the views around each turn, and above every crest. 5. I saw a family of Blue Sheep, Black Necked Cranes, hundreds of Wild Keang, a Marmot, Yaks, thousands of Pashmina Goats, Tibetan Mastiffs. 6. I met amazing people, and built lasting relationships. He and his team did everything in their power to make these experiences happen. This included flying in film from New Delhi so I could take photos with my film camera!!! Also, because I could not find the battery to the digital camera I had brought, they hunted down an extra digital camera for me so I could take photos on our two day expedition to camp out with the ChangPa Tibet Nomads. They truly went above and beyond in every way. I already miss the land and people of Ladakh, and cannot wait to come back.
    Andy SuiterSan Francisco, USA

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