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Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.

The Voygr Way

Global Citizenship

voygr-global_citizenshipBond across borders, gain global perspective, and become a citizen of the world.

Leadership & Self-Discovery

voygr-leadershipDiscover your values, take ownership, and gain self-reliance.

Environmental Conservation

voygr-conservationActively participate in protecting our precious wildlife and natural resources.

Voygr’s Bedrock : Founder’s Note

Eli and I founded Voygr after years of experiencing travel around the world as students, as tourists, and as professionals.

Through each experience traveling beyond our comfort zones we grew as individuals. We learned tolerance, self-sufficiency, resourcefulness, and flexibility. As we realized the immense power of cultural exchange, we also became tired of seeing travel agents and middlemen take economic advantage of the communities we traveled to.

With backgrounds in international development in Asia and Africa, sustainable business, and leadership development through having led the William J. Clinton Fellowship, we decided to have a go at making travel fairer for communities involved, more sustainable for the environment, and a more transformative learning experience for young travelers.

Voygr’s Student Expeditions is part of a growing movement to democratize ‘Global Citizenship’ by providing expanded access to high quality study abroad opportunities for high school students.  Our curriculum is carefully crafted by a network of experienced international educators to create a program that is deeply engaging and embodies the core principles of studying, serving, and sharing together.  Voygr’s curriculum immerses participants in settings with age-mates, and pushes them out of their comfort zones while visiting rural communities to understand the community’s way of life. Students are exposed to India’s bustling cities and quiet hamlets.  Guided reflection led by group leaders provides opportunities for students to process their experience. These trips ultimately lead our students to a stronger bond with the world at large, a deeper understanding of themselves, and a commitment to preserving our fragile environment.

Travel puts what we’ve learned in the classroom and in theory into fresh, practical perspective. Investing in travel is exactly like investing in education; while the benefits may be intangible initially, the rewards last a life-time.

Read more to understand our values, how we operate, and how we can create the right Indian travel program for your students.

Eli & Behzad
Founders of Voygr

Engage with the world


Each of our student expeditions emphasizes learning at its core. Our programs are designed around exploring and understanding major issues such as climate change, globalization, and human migration. We work with leading educators, guides, local NGOs, and community leaders to expose students to varying ways of thought and to innovative solutions to the world’s problems.

Voygr’s student expeditions are journeys of learning that foster intellectual curiosity and stimulate the development of students as individuals.

Bespoke Programming

Voygr works closely with schools and teachers to craft the ideal itinerary for students on custom trips covering and reinforcing concepts and topics that they have previously explored in the classroom while exposing them to the perspectives of their Indian peers on the same subjects.

Our mission is to allow students to broaden their horizons through deep interactions and engagement with communities, ways of life, and environments vastly different from their own. We will work with your school to design the most optimal program for your students.

Safety & Security

Risk management is integral to any trip, tour, or journey mounted by Voygr. Our student itineraries are put through a critical risk assessment process to outline, understand and mitigate apparent and hidden risks. Voygr’s wide support network enables us to react to emergencies quickly and decisively.

Our outdoor activities are prepared, monitored, and managed by our expedition teams headed by our Director of Adventure, Rashid, an accomplished mountain guide with two decades of experience around the world’s tallest peaks.

Gain meaningful cross cultural connections, a deeper sense of humanity, access to world-class mentorship, and expertise in India.
Add India to your school’s global programming, through deep engagement, language study, home-stays, and outdoor exploration.
Speak with Charles Iannuzzi, our Director of Partnerships and Student Expeditions. Charles was previously Director of International Admission at the Hotchkiss School.

Leadership Development & Global Citizenship

Land of the Windhorse | 41 Days | North Indian Himalayas

Ladakh Photography ToursExperience the stunning beauty of this northern frontier of the Himalayas and explore the Tibetan cultures Ladakh. Delve into the history of the silk route, the lives of Changpa Nomads and witness the effects of climate change and globalization in these remote reaches of the world.
Country : India    Region: Ladakh    Duration: 41 Days

Dates : June 20- July 31   //   Expedition Price: $7,830   //   Est. Air Fare: $2,200   //   Age Range: 15-18   //   Group Size: 12   //   Spots Left:  12

From Indigo to the Internet : 500 Years of Indian Growth | 21 Days | Pan-India

20150204-Humayuns-Tomb-1Explore the ancient cities of India through the modern lens of globalization. Discover how interconnected webs of commerce, science, and art have influenced great civilizations through the ages and how the modern world is an extension of the same trend. Visit the  cities of Delhi, Benares, Calcutta, and the high tech hub of Bangalore on this journey to discover the shift from the industrial age to the internet age while grasping the tremendous challenges of development.
Country : India    Region: Pan-India    Duration: 21 Days

Dates : June 24- July 14   //   Expedition Price: $5,910   //   Est. Air Fare: $2,200   //   Age Range: 15-18   //   Group Size: 12   //   Spots Left:  12

Student Photo Expedition | 16 Days | Pan-India

Rabari shepherd twirls his mustache.

Rabari shepherd twirls his mustache.

Learn photography in one of the most photogenic countries on earth. This student trip combines travel to the regions of Delhi, Rajasthan, Ladakh, and Kashmir. Explore the architectural history of the Rajputs, the wild colors of west India, and the rugged beauty of the Himalayas with a professional photographer.
Country : India    Region: Pan-India    Duration: 16 Days

Dates : June 24- July 14   //   Expedition Price: $5,260   //   Est. Air Fare: $2,200   //   Age Range: 15-18   //   Group Size: 8   //   Spots Left:  8


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