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Aditya Panda

Aditya Panda

Aditya Panda is an award-winning naturalist, wildlife conservationist and photographer from Odisha, India.

He has been working in the field of conservation for over 15 years and focuses on tiger and elephant landscapes, besides wetlands and other ecosystems in Eastern Central India, particularly his home state of Odisha. As a naturalist and photographer he has traveled extensively across India’s wildlife habitats. Aditya’s current conservation work focuses on identifying and preserving the integrity of larger tiger and elephant landscapes, empowering human-elephant conflict mitigation squads, and working with frontline forest personnel in tiger habitat. The Government of Odisha has appointed him as Honorary Wildlife Warden of Angul district––home to the Satkosia Tiger Reserve and Mahanadi Elephant Reserve––where Aditya has long been engaged in conservation activities.

When Aditya is not engaged in conservation battles, he enjoys working as a naturalist guide and introducing people to India’s fascinating wildlife. He is a seasoned safari guide and expedition leader and works with some of the world’s most reputed companies in conservation travel. A natural and attentive host, he enjoys engaging his guests in conversations on a wide range of topics. Always eager to go the extra mile to make guests comfortable, his infectious interpretation style avidly conveys his fascination with wilderness and helps guests gain a deep understanding of and appreciation for India and its wildlife.

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