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Manjit Singh Hoonjan

Manjit Singh Hoonjan
Manjit Singh Hoonjan is a photographer, living and creating in Calcutta, India. The origin of his passion for photography is the deep love and connection that he feels for the city: its unique architecture, vibrant markets, colourful urban landscapes and magical ambience which turn Calcutta into a living and breathing photographers’ heaven.
He believes that the cultural richness, heritage and the urban narrative of Calcutta, in general, could not be the same without the people living here. That is why a major part of his photography is focused on the inhabitants of Calcutta and is dedicated to them. Manjit’s photos were published in several magazines, including National Geographic, Financial Times U.K.’s Magazine (How To Spend It), Outlook, Outlook Traveller, Elle Dé cor (India), Esquire (Malaysia), Man’s World, Graphiti (The Telegraph, Calcutta) as well as Lonely Planet. He has been published on a few collectives online too.
Manjit has assisted many photographers in Calcutta, notable amongst them, Steve McCurry. Manjit assisted Steve McCurry as he photographed Calcutta for 5 days early 2018.
He runs a special interest tour company called Calcutta Photo Tours, which conducts heritage and cultural walking tours in Calcutta. It is the first photo tour company in Calcutta. The company has been covered in many international newspapers like The Guardian, UK; The Telegraph, UK and The Wall Street Journal amongst others.
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