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Exceptional Snow Leopard Expedition

Just came back from an 8-night trekking expedition with the Voygr crew. Wow. Unbelievable camp experience with some nice amenities (e.g. cots/carpets/side tables in the tents), and great food prepared 3x daily (lunch was delivered to us wherever we were in the valley that day). Voygr uses the best guides (for real, these guys are total pros with decades of experience), and will be happy to take care of any need you may have.

One example stands out to me – after leaving camp, we ask if we can trek further into the valley that day and use a local homestay for lodging that night. Logistics would be uncertain as none of us had left camp thinking we wouldn’t be back that evening. 10 minutes later, we see a guy with a horse heading back toward our camp. Rashid arranges for him to pick up some supplies from our camp and bring them to our destination, as well as sends a message to camp to bring our lunch about 2.5 hour hike away to where we’ll be. I was so impressed with their ability to make adjustments on the fly, take care of their clients, and deliver an exceptional experience.

We also had a great snow leopard spotting one day and decided that we should visit other parts of Ladakh the following day. No problems – Behzad and Rashid made arrangements and took us all over Nubra Valley and all the way to Pangong Lake. These guys are totally dedicated. They have the connections all over Ladakh to make anything happen. I’ll definitely be coming back for another tour!

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