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We spent 10 days in Voygr’s camp in a totally immersive Snow Leopard experience.

From the day we arrived in Leh, Behzad and Sonam made us feel so cared for as we acclimatized to the altitude in Ladakh. After 3 days we arrived at the “camp” (if you can call it that – more like a 5-star property in the middle of the mountains). There are two phenomal suite-style “tents” (again, a loose definition) that we stayed in that each have their own bathrooms inside; this was so nice given the temperatures outside.

From morning to evening, Rigzin (camp manager), and crew were SO attentive to all of our requests. We had 4 different types of egg orders each morning, 6 different tea and coffee orders, and each ask was met with so much kindness and care. We felt at home on this trip, which made leaving even more difficult.

As far as Snow Leopards, we had 8 sightings. The first was a mating pair and for days afterwards we saw a single leopard in the mountains. As we sat out for days, Behzad’s team brought us hot chai, biscuits, breakfast, lunch, and so much more to make us feel so comfortable. We even had beds to sleep on!

Needless to say we cannot wait for our next trip with Voygr!

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