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Voygr is the best in the business!

If you are currently researching tour operators for your trip to Ladakh, you can stop searching now. Voygr is not only the best choice – from here on out it will be my ONLY choice, regardless of the difference in cost. Other tour companies in India sub-contract random local guides and drivers, leaving you on your own if things don’t go according to plan. Not Voygr – the people you talk to during your pre-vacation planning stages are the same ones that will be there with you during the tour. During our month-long trip to India last month, we booked 2 separate tour companies for different destinations. We had the unique opportunity to experience both types of tours and, believe me, it makes a big/huge difference in the quality of your experience. Voygr is the way to go, hands down.

My fiancée and I wanted to see Leh, Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake in a very short time and, at the same time, get help with our new photography hobby. Voygr was able to handle these demands with ease. Both Behzad and Rashid taught us so much about how to use our cameras and photography concepts in general. Behzad even gave us a PowerPoint presentation on photography and let my fiancée borrow a couple of lenses during our trip.

They were professional, extremely knowledgeable, and prepared for anything. During our stay at Pangong Lake, my fiancée ended up needing oxygen. The campsite was supposed to have a supply of oxygen, but didn’t. Rashid came to the rescue with a tank that Voygr brings on every trip. Beware – this trip is not for the faint of heart. The high altitude/lack of oxygen combined with the bumpiness of the roads throughout the mountains makes for quite a difficult ride; however, we felt extremely safe with Rashid driving. He definitely knows his way around the mountains!

As for our accommodations, The Kesar in Nubra valley was a great stay with delicious food and a beautiful garden. The Hermitage “tent” at Pangong Lake was wonderful. It was located far enough away from all the other touristy places that you truly felt isolated.

We came away with beautiful pictures, profound experiences, and a ton of knowledge – not just about photography, but about the places we visited. We can’t thank them enough – both Behzad and Rashid were amazing! They exceeded all of our expectations during the trip. We will gladly refer all of our friends and family to Voygr for tours in the Ladakh region.

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