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Unforgettable Ladakh - Photography Tour with Voygr

Two of us had a tailor-made photography tour with Behzad and Rashid. We were presened with great locations and wonderful people to photograph; I doubt that anyone else could give the level of privileged access that we had. The amount of planning and groundwork done by Voygr was evident in their warm welcome from local people wherever we went, at any altitude. Great staff made the adventure as comfortable as it could be in an, at times, very harsh climate. The overal impression is that I was greatly privileged to have visited some very special people in Ladakh and I could not have done it in any better company.

Why this is who to choose for your trip to Ladakh

Exceptional experience from the beginning to end. I recently did a tailor made photography trip with Behzad J. Larry and his team from Voygr in Ladakh. Communication before the trip was very responsive and professional and together we worked out an ideal trip. The combination of Behzad’s expertise, personality, photographic experience and enthusiasm and historical insights combined with Rashid’s local knowledge, contacts and connections, capabilities and personality give a winning combination that is unbeatable. As a travel photographer, I know how important local knowledge and connections in gaining access to privileged situations which result in great photographic opportunities and this is exactly what you get with Voygr, all delivered with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail, be people who go to great lengths to make sure they’re delivering what you’re looking at the same time as being great fun and entertaining travel companions. I am already planning my next trip with them and can’t recommend them highly enough.


I had the time of my life travelling in Ladakh with Behzad and Rashid!
I was lucky enough to travel in April while there was plenty of snow to making crossing the passes exciting!

Both of these guys are very professional, very entertaining and informative, plus the photos Ive come back with are sensational!

I can’t wait to travel with Voygr again and again and again.

These guys are exceptional!

I arranged a return tour with Voygr with high expectations from my first trip and had a really fantastic time again. This was a customised photography tour focussing on my interest in people photography, and visiting some remote areas in Nubra, Zanskar and Kashmir.
From beginning to end Voygr went out of their way to make sure they delivered an exceptional experience that not only gave me unusual and interesting photographic opportunities but also a great cultural experience which was exactly what I was looking for.
As a solo traveller this time I had the flexibility to keep changing the itinerary as we went along according to the opportunities that arose, which they managed seamlessly and without any objections. My every request and need was met with a ‘no problem’ and ‘can do’ attitude which was refreshing and lead to some amazing experiences off the beaten track which I just wouldn’t have been able to have on my own or with a less specialised/experienced tour company.

Arguably just as important as their professional expertise at delivering a top notch trip, was that Behzad, Rashid and their team of staff and local guides are fantastic people to travel with and spend time with, and as a solo traveller I was in great company and had lots of wonderful fun moments to remember.
I’m sure this one won’t be my last trip with these guys – don’t hesitate to choose them for your next adventure and book your slot early as they’re always in demand from repeat customers. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Photography tour of Ladakh

I arranged a customised photography tour with Voygr in April 2018. This was the second tour I arranged them and I went the specific goal of capturing some great portraits of the Ladakhi people. I had high expectations and specific requirements. Rashid and Juma did not disappoint. There professional, can do attitude exceeded all my expectations. It was clear Rashid’s local knowledge and connections meant all my requests were going to be met without any problem. I really felt like I was backed up by a highly professional team. They were able to open up access to exclusive situations which gave me amazing opportunities to get some great portraits.

This was the second tour I arranged with Voygr and will hopefully get the opportunity to book another customised photography tour with them in the future. I would highly recommend this team.

Voygr is the best in the business!

If you are currently researching tour operators for your trip to Ladakh, you can stop searching now. Voygr is not only the best choice – from here on out it will be my ONLY choice, regardless of the difference in cost. Other tour companies in India sub-contract random local guides and drivers, leaving you on your own if things don’t go according to plan. Not Voygr – the people you talk to during your pre-vacation planning stages are the same ones that will be there with you during the tour. During our month-long trip to India last month, we booked 2 separate tour companies for different destinations. We had the unique opportunity to experience both types of tours and, believe me, it makes a big/huge difference in the quality of your experience. Voygr is the way to go, hands down.

My fiancée and I wanted to see Leh, Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake in a very short time and, at the same time, get help with our new photography hobby. Voygr was able to handle these demands with ease. Both Behzad and Rashid taught us so much about how to use our cameras and photography concepts in general. Behzad even gave us a PowerPoint presentation on photography and let my fiancée borrow a couple of lenses during our trip.

They were professional, extremely knowledgeable, and prepared for anything. During our stay at Pangong Lake, my fiancée ended up needing oxygen. The campsite was supposed to have a supply of oxygen, but didn’t. Rashid came to the rescue with a tank that Voygr brings on every trip. Beware – this trip is not for the faint of heart. The high altitude/lack of oxygen combined with the bumpiness of the roads throughout the mountains makes for quite a difficult ride; however, we felt extremely safe with Rashid driving. He definitely knows his way around the mountains!

As for our accommodations, The Kesar in Nubra valley was a great stay with delicious food and a beautiful garden. The Hermitage “tent” at Pangong Lake was wonderful. It was located far enough away from all the other touristy places that you truly felt isolated.

We came away with beautiful pictures, profound experiences, and a ton of knowledge – not just about photography, but about the places we visited. We can’t thank them enough – both Behzad and Rashid were amazing! They exceeded all of our expectations during the trip. We will gladly refer all of our friends and family to Voygr for tours in the Ladakh region.

A wonderful Ladakh experience, courtesy Voygr....

My son and I spent 12 days with Behzad and team in Ladakh in June-July 2019. I am an experienced hiker and climber, but this was my first trip with a top-class tour company – and the experience was simply, absolutely outstanding!

We were keen to do some hikes and also learn photography. Behzad created a customized itinerary for us to do multiple treks; observe and learn about snow leopard tracking and conservation from the folks who are world-leaders in this field; see the impact of efforts to encourage eco-tourism and preserve the traditional way of village life; and explore varied terrain ranging from Leh to Hemis National Park to the Nubra Valley, ending up with a wonderful trek/jeep safari from Tso Kar to Tso Moriri.

Along the way, Behzad taught us the ins and outs of landscape and portrait photography, and got us to the most wonderful situations (outdoors and indoors) and people to photograph. The type of access Voygr has to experts, geographies, people – I cannot conceive of anyone else being able to offer anything that comes close.

Logistics and equipment were top-notch. I felt a bit guilty about the wonderful style in which we stayed, but hey, you only live once. The camping facilities (complete with a loo-with-a-view tent), the outstanding food that was drummed up seemingly out of nowhere, and the terrific service by the camp staff – all of it made for a memorable experience. I want to single out Sharif for exemplary dedication and service – I don’t have the right words to praise him, he is such an outstanding human being and guide.

We engaged Behzad to be with for all the 12 days, and it was the best decision we made! He is absolutely delightful company – knowledgeable, engaging, with a terrific sense of humor. Rashid joined us for the last 4 days, and we got to know another terrific professional – I am coming back to Ladakh next summer to go climbing with Rashid.

So, all in all, easily one of the best travel experiences I have ever had. We will be back, repeatedly.

An outstanding photography tour in every respect.

My wife and I were privileged join Voygr Expeditions’ 14-day Ladakh Photography Tour Sept 29-Oct 12, 2019 very ably lead by Behzad, Rashid and travel photographer Robert Van Koesveld.

Behzad and Rashid’s warm, friendly approach, impressive regional knowledge and genuine concern for guest comfort along with Robert’s excellent photography guidance meant that this photo/travel experience has exceeded all of our expectations.

The ~ 1000km road trip itinerary in individual vehicles covered all of the most significant Ladakhi highlights including Thiksey, Lamayuro, Alchi, Hemis and Diskit monasteries, the Nubra Valley, Tangyar village and Tso Moriri lake, with stays in a 4 star hotel back in Leh between each segment. We were also privileged to shoot portraits and have an evening meal under stars in Voygr’s refurbished Caravanserai, last used by Silk Road traders over 70 years ago.

With its considerable exposure to Ladakhi culture generally; its nomad pashmina goat, sheep and yak herders in particular, and; its stark, colourful and high-impact terrain, this trip stands out as one of our best ever travel experiences.

Beyond all expectations Voygr. Simply amazing!

What a wonderful place is Ladakh. And thanks to Behzad Larry, Rashid, and Australian cultural photographer, Robert van Koesveld, we have seen the very best of it. Voygr – you are unique. You offer it all. So knowledgeable: history, geography, religion, culture, wild life, conservation, photography. And, most special, the personal engagement with the beautiful Ladakhi people in villages, monasteries and nomad camps, and the flexibility to stop wherever, whenever, to chat to interesting locals and take photographs. Every day was jam packed with photographic opportunity, serendipitous encounters and magic moments, but we never felt rushed.

We have never encountered a company with leaders, guides and interpreters so committed and so caring, and such delightful company. Easygoing and fun. But behind the scenes, every detail is covered – our trust in you complete. We felt safe. Great drivers, and the fabulous homecooked, food was plentiful and ‘clean’.

‘Off the beaten track’, driving across the Tibetan Plateau, following the tracks of the nomads and camping alongside their yaks and gorgeous pashmina goats was a highlight. As were prayers with Buddhist monks in 10th century monasteries perched high up in the oh-so-scenic mountains, joining in song at wheat harvest and dining in the ancient caravanserai. Brilliant.

So Voygr, thank you for such a joyful trip, and for opening our eyes to a part of the world about which we knew so little. Only 5 stars? You deserve 100! Sensational!

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