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My week with Snow Leopards in the Himalayas

I had the great good fortune to hear about Voygr Expeditions from Brad Josephs, who was our head guide on the trip I took in February. We camped for eight nights at an altitude of just below 4,000 meters in Hemis National Park in Ladakh. Nights were a bit frosty, but Voygr’s campsite was superbly equipped and our stay was very comfortable with a few unexpected luxuries! Along with Brad our group was led by Behzad Larry, the CEO of Voygr, and a large group of local support staff including the best snow leopard spotters in India. We were privileged to spot many leopards along with a number of other species of mammals and birds. I learned so much from Behzad and all of the guides, and left with a deep and lasting impression of the warmth and kindness of the people of Ladakh and of their passion for snow leopards and the mountain ecosystem that is their only home. For anyone interested in snow leopards or seeking an exceptional adventure, I would highly recommend that you contact Voygr.

Truly Exceptional!

I was lucky enough to book a snow leopard expedition with Voygr and simply can’t say enough good things. Behzad’s passion for snow leopards, his true love of Hemis National Park, his desire to improve and expand the experiences he has for his guests, and the team that surrounds you on his expeditions is truly extraordinary. The joy, excitement, passion and caring that every member of the team displayed was above any expectation I could have set going in to this trip. If you’re considering a snow leopard expedition look no further than Behzad and Voygr!

Such an amazing adventure - loved the snow leopards!

I did this adventure in February 2020 together with my father, who is a passionate wild life photographer.

We liked Leh and I really loved visiting a monastery for the morning prayers. It deeply touched me and it was very interesting.

I am so thankful to Behzad, Brad, Khenrab, Dorjay, Rashid,…. the whole staff, who took such great care of us and made all of this possible for us. It was all very well organised. And I managed to learn so much from you. About snow leopards, about Hemis, about conservation, environment. Of course VOYGR wants to offer you a nice holiday and some nice sightings of snow leopards. But what I truly loved is that these people are dedicated to what they do. You can see and feel its not just a job – its a passion, its an inspiration and vocation to make life better for the animals, for the village people, for nature. We really enjoyed some nice sighting of a snow leopard. Once we spent a whole afternoon watching a mum and her two cubs. It was so amazing! The spotters did a great job too so we could also see blue sheep, golden eagles, wolves, and lammergeirs. VOYGR always had an open ear for our individual needs and personal interests. And I was so happy being able to go for hiking with a guide anytime I wanted.

The camp in Hemis national park is really nice and comfortable as possible for the conditions there. I didn’t miss anything at all in our sleeping tent, toilet or wash room. Our “social tent” where we could sit together, chat, have meals was cozy. Food was always great. I loved the apple cider ritual every late afternoon for warming up after going to the field trying to spot some interesting animals.

For anyone who is interested in snow leopards, who is looking for a adventure I would highly recommend VOYGR.


This adventure absolutely exceeded my expectations. It was a unique combination of being totally in nature with many upscale comforts. The staff was exceptional, they anticipated your every need and were especially accommodating. I have such respect for everyone who made this a trip to remember. I really never thought about conservation before but this was a introduction to a group of individuals who are completely committed. It was inspirational.

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