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Incredible tiger safaris in Rajasthan take you up close to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopards, and a diverse array of wildlife and bird life. Explore our tiger itineraries below, or get in touch with us to create the ultimate private Big Cat tour of India which includes Tigers, the Asiatic lions of Gir, and the elusive ghost of the mountains, the Snow Leopard.

For small private groups, we  charter private planes to maximize your use of time.

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10 Days. Tigers & a Taste of Rajasthan

Tigers. Leopards. Sloth Bears.

Get a glimpse of Rajasthan with a visit to Jaipur and witness the wonder of the Indian jungle in the forests of Ranthambore. This trip has a tight focus on tigers and other predators in the park, while also covering the wide variety of small mammals and herbivores that abound. Perfect if you’ve got a short vacation and want to maximize wildlife spotting.

Private & Group Departures.

Starting at $3,500 per person.

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15 Days. 9 Days of Rajasthan + 4 Days of Tigers

Tigers. Leopards. Sloth Bears.

View the incredible wildlife of Ranthambore National Park and spend an amazing 9 days exploring the best of Royal Rajasthan. Experience the splendor of Maharaja’s palaces, get a slice of culture, and lose yourself in the tranquility of the great Thar Desert.

Private & Group Departures. Chartered flight options available.

Starting at $6,590 per person.

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25 Days. Ultimate Big Cat Tour.

Snow Leopards. Tigers. Leopards. Asiatic Lions.

Cover all the big cats of India on this epic tour that includes chartered flights, high-altitude snow leopard tracking, stays at some of the best hotels on earth, and the incredible feeling of sighting the most magnificent predators in the world.

Private departures only.

Starting at $16,590 per person.

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Explore the cultural heart of Northwestern India with Voygr. Rajasthan is world famous for its rich cultural heritage, stunningly beautiful palace hotels, and depth of Hindu, Muslim, and Jain history. Photographically, the state is as visually loaded as it can get, from colorful street scenes to dramatic turbaned and mustachioed portraits.

The state is also vibrantly diverse in its landscapes from the high dunes of the Great Indian Desert towards the western border to the biologically rich scrub grassland of Ranthambore filled with tigers, leopards, sloth bears, hyenas, and much much more.

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