Environment & Sustainability

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Voygr helps you find ones that push your limits, broaden your cultural orbit, and discover wild wonders. But unlike many other purveyors of adventure and experiential travel, we provide experiences that are built around protecting the environment and preserving culture.

I founded Voygr after years of experiencing adventure travel around the world. I grew tired of seeing middlemen take huge cuts of what we paid simply for providing connections. I wanted to see the many excellent guides that I encountered at the center of my travel. With a background in international development, history, and sustainable business, I decided to have a go at making the system fairer for the communities involved and for the environment.

Our guides are what sets Voygr apart. They are historians, photographers, and mountaineers. They are local, and they love showing off their unique communities. They value the unique areas where they work and are committed to, and trained in, cultural preservation and environmental sustainability.

  • Cultural Preservation: In our travels to remote communities, Voygr endeavors to not just observe, but to engage communities. Our guides love chatting with the locals, hearing their stories, and sharing a cup of tea. We engage and document these communities, returning many times over to develop strong relationships.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Our expeditions cover many fragile ecosystems in some of the highest regions of the world. Voygr follows Leave No Trace principles wherever we go. We revere wildlife through the use of trained guides and a respect for the animals’ habitat.

As lovers of the mountains, Voygr also recognizes the intersectionality of both cultural preservation and environmental sustainability. The people and the planet are intertwined. Wherever possible, we involve local communities in our work by promoting sustainable building practices, supporting national park systems, and developing livelihoods.

We look forward to sharing this with you.


Founder & CEO



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